Chris Jericho News: Next WWE Return News, Fozzy Update

What’s up with Y2J?


Chris Jericho returned to WWE for a brief stint as Raw GM earlier this week on Raw, only to be taken out by Brock Lesnar.

Interesting, he noted that he would be working some WWE shows in January and February – but ONLY house shows and not Raw or PPV.

He spoke on the record too about some items concerning Fozzy.

on Fozzy as a band right now
We’re a dangerous band now… You can put us on a stage with anybody. We toured with Metallica in Australia two years ago and everybody in-between pretty much. We’ve had to work twice as hard to get people’s respect and that’s OK because I’m in the band. Because it’s a wrestling thing or some kind of novelty, a celebrity going out there and pretending to be a rockstar. It’s never been that. It’s a real thing that we all feel.

on his struggle
I spent the majority of my life touring the world in a van,” says Ward. “And I was used to the struggle and the fight and I love that because it makes you hungry. I think art comes from struggle. Good art comes from struggle whether it’s (Led) Zeppelin or Kurt Cobain, whether it’s (Jimi) Hendrix of whatever either there’s an inner struggle or there’s a struggle that the band has to fight, to climb up the mountain.

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Source: Sporting News