CM Punk: Compares Vince McMahon to Dana White, UFC/WWE

As part of a media tour, CM Punk appeared on ESPN’s SportsCenter Wednesday morning. Here are some of the highlights.

on Dana White vs. Vince McMahon
Both are driven. Both are set in their ways. Both have an idea of what’s best for their company… the difference is in the generation. Vince is very old-school. Dana is more open-minded. There’s more of a warmth on the UFC side than I’ve experienced.

on why he is going to UFC
Why not?… Am I ready today? Probably not. But, I’d fight anyone right now. You have to be a little bit nuts.

on him taking a top UFC spot after criticizing WWE for doing that to him
the irony is not lost on me

on Dana White vs. Vince McMahon
I will definitely use the negativity to fuel me to prove people wrong. I feel I’m very good at doing that

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Source: PW Torch