Jeff Jarrett News: Speaks on TNA, CM Punk, Undertaker’s Streak Ending, Global Force Wrestling


Recently, Global Force Wrestling’s Jeff Jarrett had some interesting comments in an interview. Here are some highlights.

on how Global Force Wrestling came about
Well, the wrestling business is in my blood. My family has been in the business since the 1940s. My Grandmother did everything but wrestle, she promoted the business and then my dad – he promoted as well as wrestled – so it’s in my blood. In June 2002 I launched TNA wrestling and then last December it was time for me to try something new and we parted ways. So I took a couple of months and I had different ideas and different concepts and I started to piece them together and then April 7 2014 is when I officially launched the brand. Patience is not in my DNA! But I’m piecing things together and 2015 is when the rollout will really start to take shape. Obviously we’ve partnered with New Japan Pro Wrestling and we’re executive producing the Pay-Per-View that’s going to be seen on a global basis via the Flipps app and through all the traditional Pay-Per-View carriers in North America. That’s the short answer of how Global Force Wrestling came about.

on the idea that he still works with TNA and will work a feud with them
Well, you’ve got to love the wrestling business because stories can just evolve and that’s one of the great parts of it. I can confirm the fact that I’m still a shareholder but completely deny the fact that what you suggest will happen! I’m very happy for TNA, they’ve got their new US distribution deal. It’s good for the business that all promotions are healthy but GFW and TNA are not working together!

on Sting going to WWE:
Finally! Very happy for him. Couldn’t be a better guy. He’s a good friend and I couldn’t be happier for him.

on CM Punk to UFC:
Win, Win, Win! Win for Dana White at UFC, a win for CM Punk fans and whether CM Punk wins or loses in that octagon it’s a win for him because I’ve got a lot of respect for a guy that follows his heart and follows his passion.

on The Undertaker’s Streak ending:
Shocked. I don’t think I can elaborate on that. It was a shock and only time will tell if it was the right decision.

on TNA moving to Destination America:
Congrats to all of them.

Brilliant. It’s where the stars of tomorrow obviously are and I can assure you that the guys on the main roster up there in WWE are feeling the pressure daily from the young hungry lions that are in NXT.

Check out the full interview at Huffington Post UK

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