Pulse Flashback 12/17/2004: Smackdown Short Form, Alleged WWE Harassment

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Not-the-Weekend News

On today’s Opie & Anthony XM Show, Triple H publicly stated Lesnar wants
back in, but they won’t take him back because they resent the way he left. He
said Lesnar hadn’t established himself as enough of a star to leave that the
company will take him back now, but said at some point he’d probably be back.

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TNA iMPACT! Match Listing

After defeating AJ Styles last week, Hector Garza gets the match of his career against NWA World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Jarrett! Can Garza continue his rise in the TNA ranks with a win over the World Champion? Tune in and find out!

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Three WWE Stars Under Investiagtion For Harassment

According to WAAY 31 TV in Alabama, Chris Jericho, Ric Flair, and Dave Batista had files charged against them for allegedly harassing a Huntsville, Alabama man in a local Hooters this past Monday evening, .
Dana Mixx claimed that the three stars took his cowboy hat and wouldn’t give it back to him. Mixx also claimed that they pushed him and threatened to beat him up if he tried to retrieve it, but eventually returned the hat.

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Follow Up On Alleged Harassment Story

According to several fans who were at the restaurant, there is nothing to the charges that were filed by an Alabama man claiming that Ric Flair, Chris Jericho, and Dave Batista harassed him Monday night in a Hooters restaurant.
Several fans claimed that the person who filed the charges, Dana Mixx, actually challenged Jericho to an arm wrestling match and lost. One person who witnessed the incident claimed that Mixx handed over his hat after losing, but Jericho gave it back.

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The Smackdown Short Form, 12.16.04

Oh, Jesus H. Fucking Christ…here’s the deal: the battery for the Damn Vaninator is being recharged as I’m typing this (I have GOT to get that damn thing fixed so that the battery doesn’t run down). So, since I want it to get charged up, the Damn Vaninator’s down, and there’s jack shit within walking distance of this place food-wise. So I do what anyone else in this position would do: call Domino’s for a delivery order. I finally get them on the phone, and the f*cker answering it has the thickest goddamn Hindi accent I’ve ever heard, and that’s really saying something considering that I lived near a Hindu neighborhood in Chicago for five years. It took me five f*cking minutes to relay my order, and that was complicated by the fact that my phone number was in their goddamn computerized directory, but it was the previous holder of that number, who lives across town from me. I had to tell him my address three goddamn times before he was convinced that I was living in the apartment I’m in now. And I still fear that my pizza will never get here. So I’m hungry, I have a massive headache from this shit, and I’m still wondering why Domino’s is listed in one phone directory and not the other local one. On top of that, I have to do Smackdown, which gives me enough symptoms as it is. Well, let me just struggle through this…

…but not before this news item. From CNN:

The Bush administration formally canceled Iraq’s $4.1 billion debt to the United States on Friday and urged others to do the same to help the country rebuild.

Well, how f*cking sweet. Just add that on to the hundreds of billions we’ve already spent on this complete waste of money and lives. Fuck the Junta.

And in case you’re wondering, the pizza got here just as Smackdown was ending, but they burnt the crust a little. Fucking Domino’s.


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Grutman and Friends Talk Wrestling

Live journal of Hardygrrl Live journal of Joshua Grutman.

GRUTMAN: First Blade, then Gloomchen, and now Joshua Grutman is proud to bring to you another girl who mentioned his name and writes well, the winner of the Inside Pulse Forum’s poetry contest, Hardygrrl!

HARDYGRRL: Thank you Grut.

GRUTMAN: My pleasure. I’ve always wondered, how does a girl who doesn’t want to become a wrestler become interested in professional wrestling?

HARDYGRRL: Honestly, at first it was the cartoonish nature of it and a few of the men. Then I got hooked into the storylines. I’ve watched wrestling back when Hogan *shudder* first broke out. I took a few years off because it got too silly and then got back into it again just as Austin was breaking out.

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