Comics Nexus Flashback 12/18/2004: The Roundtable

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The Roundtable

NOTE: The individual opinions of each Roundtable contributor are their own, and is not representative of anybody but that contributor.

New Batman Begins trailer online. (Credit: Comic Book Resources)

Paul Sebert (Nexus reviewer): *Pauses a tear in his eye* It looks… Beautiful…

*Drops to his knees and prays* Please don’t let Warner Brothers screw this up, Please don’t let Warner Brothers screw this up…

Iain Burnside (your Roundtable host): Keep the faith, man. This is going to absolutely piss all over Burton’s films.

And no, nobody else has ever made any Batman movies. There were only ever two. Shut up.

Will Cooling (Nexus Evil Cold Victim): I still think they should’ve done a Batman musical!

Tim Stevens (Nexus reviewer and writer of DC News & Views: Your ideas make baby Jesus cry.

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