Former WWE Wrestler Tyler Reks Reveals WWE Pay Structure Details


Former WWE Wrestler Tyler Reks recently spoke publicly about how WWE pay works.

Since WWE wrestlers are not actual employees but rather independent contractors, much of their expenses are not included.

Here is what Reks, real name Gabe Tuft, had to say”

Here’s a perfect example: I hate to spill my salary on the internet, but when I left I got a bump to $100,000 a year. But a third of it goes to road expenses. The only thing they pay for is your flight. You pay for your own hotel, and car, and food. Could you imagine trying to eat out five times a day? As a body guy, you have to maintain your physique and that means eating five times a day. Spending all your money trying to maintain that? Good luck. Then Uncle Sam takes 20%-30%. You guys do the math and see how much I walked away with, which was next to nothing. I was making more money fresh out of college as an engineer fresh out of college in an entry level position than being on TV. That’s gotten worse from what I hear. They do a ton of tours, and some guys would be making $30,000-$40,000 in the day. I went to Europe and I think I brought home $5,000. Then there was one tour I flew overseas and did a ten day tour and made less than $2,000. I made less than $500 a show. The video games are getting worse – guys used to get paid up to $100,000 for being in the video game and now it’s much, much less. The reading audience will think that’s a lot of money, but when you’re on the road it’s not. We don’t all have busses like John and Punk and Show. You’re breaking your body to barely pay the bills.

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