JR Blog: Roman Reigns Not Ready, Alberto Del Rio, Josh Matthews/TNA


Jim Ross checked in with a late Thursday blog, and here are some highlights…

on Roman Reigns
Was asked today by Jason Powell for Pro Wrestling.net audio if I thought Roman Reigns was ready to be the man in WWE and become WWE World Champion. I don’t think Reigns is ready today but it’s not game day just yet but I do applaud WWE for attempting to add more ‘new’ into the upper card mix and taking a calculated risk on Reigns to be one of their centerpieces. Time will tell and I assure one and all that no one knows today. I’m optimistic.

on Alberto Del Rio
It seems like Alberto Del Rio is being coveted by many promotions but my guess is that he signs with Lucha Underground at some point. ROH likely can’t afford him on an ongoing basis and I saw where Impact offered ADR 400K to sign which I have serious doubts about. I hope to have him on my Podcast soon. I will have one of the co-executive producers, Chris DeJoseph, on soon. Some know Chris better as the former WWE personality Big Dick Johnson.

on Josh Matthews joining TNA
Congrats to Josh Mathews on replacing Mike Tenay on the broadcast team and who will join forces with Taz on the Impact TV show. Josh will bring a different approach and feel to the show but has big shoes to fill as it relates to Mike Tenay stepping away to fulfill another role or two in the company. Mike will also maintain his TV presence. Josh and Taz should be fun to listen to as they develop their chemistry. I wish both friends well.

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