WWE Takes Dig At CM Punk Via Corey Graves


Ever the stand up citizens, WWE used the real-life health issues and in-ring retirement of Corey Graves as some sort of insane message to CM Punk.

To start out the NXT Takeover REvolution show, NXT wrestler Corey Graves appeared at the announce table. Graves noted that due to repeated concussions, he was being forced to retire as a wrestler, but that WWE was moving him to the announce booth as a way for him to continue his dream.

Graves has a heavily tattooed body and overall look & physique similar to that of Punk, which was not a coincidence.

In his statement, Graves put over the “world class doctors” of WWE, and how they identified his issues and made the recommendation that he retire. This is in direct opposition to CM Punk’s depiction of WWE medical staff being lazy, incompetent and interested in what’s best for the company over the welfare of the wrestlers.

What’s sad is that Graves never had the opportunity to earn money in wrestling on the big stage and was used as a pawn in WWE’s petty games.

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