Comics Nexus Flashback 12/19/2004: Trigger #1, Ex Machina #7, Identity Crisis #7 + 4 More Reviews

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Madrox #4 Review

Madrox has been my hands-down favourite X-spinoff book this year. I’ve always liked the concept of the Multiple Man, but I’ve never before seen him written so…excellently.

For a quick, brief synopsis, Jamie Madrox, the Multiple Man, runs a private detective agency. One of his duplicates is murdered, and he is now trying to find out why he was killed, and who killed him. It’s a basic detective story, if you ignore the fact that he’s looking for his own killer.

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Looking To The Stars: Blade: Trinity

I experienced one rare pleasure this week thanks to the stupidity of my Dean. You see, my college made a bowl game this year. The administrators, not wanting our studies to be disrupted by thoughts of football, pushed Finals Week forward, so I had to take all my exams a week early. Since all my free time in December has been spent with hurriedly finishing papers and studying, I didn’t get a chance to see “Blade: Trinity” until about four hours ago.

Because I was forced to wait a week to see it, I was able to see it on a Thursday afternoon. When the movie theater was all but empty except for a few moms trying to see Bridget Jones 2 before the kids get back from school.

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Trigger #1 Review

The issue begins in the imagination of Carter Lennox. Carter works for a large company with plenty of offices. But he’s bored with his job and his life. Thus he writes fiction. Fiction in a “Law & Order” sense; it seems pulled from the headlines. But in a story set in the near future that can mean anything.

We then go to a press conference for Ethicorp. Ethicorp is a corporation that has it’s hands in all for of society, life and culture. Their motto is “We Get The Bad Out.” And they do. Everyone seems content to live in the world that Ethicorp has crafted, except for Deirdre Myers, an intrepid reporter who questions the conglomerate. She’s promptly escorted out of the press conference, for asking pertinent questions.

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Ex Machina #7 Review

In this installment of the tale of New York’s first superhero mayor, Hundred continues to debate with his staff the implications of performing the wedding service of Deputy Mayor Dave Wiley’s brother and his brother’s boyfriend. In flashbacks, we see the lengths that Germans will go to to acquire information about the strange symbol that seems to have given Hundred his abilities and in the present day, that symbol continues to wreak havoc in the city.

I’ve got to give it to Vaughan…the man knows how to tell a story. This book has so many things on its mind that it could easily degenerate into an awful mess and yet, somehow, it does not. Vaughan keeps each of the balls nicely in the air with nary a hiccup in the narrative.

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Samurai: Heaven and Earth #1 Review

Costume epics seem to be the film of choice when it comes time for the Academy Awards each year. While the film world is always inundated with historical costume dramas, the comic world is swamped with the costumes of superheroes. CrossGen’s slow demise took away some of the industry’s more high profile non-superhero comics. Thankfully a variety of publishers are increasingly taking up the slack that CrossGen left.

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Identity Crisis #7 Review

Be warned ahead of time. I shall pull no punches and spoilers will be spoken! So have you NOT read this issue of Identity Crisis yet and still do not already know the answer to the question that has rocked the Fandom community for the better part of a year, come no further!

It’s Nightwing!

What the! Tim, what are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be interrupting Mathan’s column?

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Birds of Prey #77 Review

It’s part two of the Birds of Prey North American Tour and this time they are off to Kansas, which is considered a Great Plain State,for those of you who didn’t know. They have been drawn to a small town by a series of ritualistic murders that seem to be connected only by the victim having gone unpunished for past sins. This vigilante or monster goes by the name of Harvest and is the subject of much fear and, much like Freddy Krueger before her, a children’s nursery rhyme (“Letters of red, better off dead.”). As part of Barbara’s new “we’ll stop heroes who kill” initiative, the Birds are planning on collaring this ghoul and bringing her to justice.

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Justice League Elite #6 Review

The Elite, undercover as a gang in order to bust an intergalactic drug ring come in contact with the JSA. That’s all you really need to know.

The issue opens with Al-Sheikh having fallen asleep while researching Wolfwood. He wakes up and finds a card that reads, “Who do you TRUST?”

Then we jump to Power Girl, Mr. Terrific, and Alan Scott rushing Hawkgirl, with two swords impaled in her, to the hospital, while we hear Kasumi being debriefed by someone who’s cloaked in darkness. Kasumi recounts what lead up to Hawkgirl’s stabbing.

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