Rey Mysterio News: WWE Status, Survivor Series Return Canceled

What’s up with Rey Rey?

Rey Mysterio has been on and off the injured list over the last few years. Currently he is not injured, but has not appeared on TV in quite a while.

Earlier in the fall, WWE creative was instructued to put together a six month story arc for Mysterio that would kick off at Survivor Series 2014, and culminate with a match at Wrestlemania 31. However, Mysterio was not included in the final plans for Survivor Series, and still has yet to appear on TV.

It’s now said that the storyline that was on the books is now canceled, and the storyline is off.

When Alberto Del Rio left WWE earlier this year, he also noted that Rey Mysterio could return to Mexico when his contract is up. It’s possible that WWE is simply waiting out the end of the contract rather than raise Rey’s profile for a return to Mexico.


Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter