The Return of Road Through IndyMania: Ace Perry

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You don’t have to be John Cena to grant wishes but it doesn’t hurt to be a pro-wrestler.

Unless you’re living under rocks, you’ve seen this video:



As a huge fan of indy wrestling and a fan of good things in general, I reached out to the man in the video called Ace Perry. He graciously gave me a little bit of his time in between bookings. I learned a little bit about him in our short but sweet conversation:

OneManFarmHand (OMFH): What made you decide to get into pro-wrestling?

Ace Perry (AP): I started watching wrestling when I was about 7 years old. I decided to actually pursue it at the age of 14. I just needed it. All of it. And everything that came with it.

OMFH: The young lady from the video, what is her name?

AP: Amanda is her name.

OMFH: How long has she been a fan?

AP: I’m not sure how long she’s been a fan. But probably awhile I’m assuming. Of wrestling anyways.

OMFH: What have your friends in wrestling said about it?

AP: I have received TONS of positive attention and nothing but. It’s incredible.

OMFH: How do you feel about this?

AP: I’m overwhelmed. I’m happy to be doing this for her.

OMFH: Do you think you’ll ever do something like this again?

AP: I will most definitely do things similar to this again. I’d be happy to.

OMFH: What is your current entrance theme music?

AP: A Cut Above by Avery Watts.

OMFH: So, when is the prom? Any idea of the kind of suit you’ll wear?

AP: The last Friday of March 2015 I believe is when the prom is. And I’m not sure what kind of suit I’ll wear haha. Something that will match her I’m sure.

OMFH: How cool would it be for the DJ to play your entrance theme music and you two make a grand entrance?

AP: It’d be amazing to have the DJ play my theme as we make a grand entrance, but even better if he played some One Direction because that’s her favorite band and i listen to them quite often too. So that’d be cool. She’d absolutely  love that.

OMFH: Which states have you wrestled in?

AP: I’ve wrestled in Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, North Carolina, New Jersey, Missouri, and I believe that’s all for right now.

OMFH: What is your finishing maneuver?

AP: My finishing move I’m actually working on changing it. But I German suplex my opponent, they roll through to their knees then I super kick them in the face.

OMFH: How old are you?

AP: I’m 20 years of age.

OMFH: Do you have aspirations to work for ROH? TNA? WWE?

AP: I would love nothing more than to wrestle for all three of those companies.

OMFH: Thanks for talking!

AP: Thank you.

What a great guy. He’s lean, agile, hungry and humble. I hope he stays healthy and remains positive, because this young man has a very promising future in the business of pro-wrestling.

Prior to publishing this piece, I posted this on Facebook:

“Pro-wrestling is such white trash. You really have to be on a lower level to like pro-wrestling. I mean, it’s just so low brow what this guy did. Classless. I can’t believe how dumb pro-wrestling is. Anyone who enjoys pro-wrestling and claims that it actually gives back has no brain. I just can’t believe it.”

It was meant to be satirical, nothing more, nothing less. Actually, I kind of wanted to gently gut-check my friends and neighbors on Facebook who give me the business about my pro-wrestling habit…so maybe a little more. I even edited my post and added a smiley-faced emoji. A rarity for me.

Ace saw my post and questioned me about it. Not like a wild, angry man bent on an internet duel to the death– but as a man who stands firm in his convictions. Basically, he wanted to make sure I wasn’t making fun of the situation because if I was, he was going to personally set me straight.

Needless to say, I wasn’t making fun at all and I quickly cleared that up with him. I’m not trying to take a German Suplex/Superkick combo or whatever Ace’s new finisher ends up being.

I like to talk about pro-wrestling. I love comic books and movies. I used to work in a popular video rental store chain. These are things that are facts. My column talks about the past, present and future of pro-wrestling. That sounded too prolific...I...I just like talking about pro-wrestling and stuff.