Comics Nexus Flashback 12/22/2004: Human Target #17, Plastic Man #13, Hawkman #35

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The Overlord’s Corner 2.0

Ah, another week, another trip to the Corner, and another strip. I hope you’re all enjoying the syndicated strips here at The Nexus. The response has been positive so far, and all your comments are most welcome.

As I’m sure you can all imagine, it’s pretty hectic around here with the upcoming Holiday short at hand so I’m gonna keep this pretty short.

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Who’s Who in the DCU (12/23/04)

I’m hoping that you took time out of your busy holiday shopping schedule to make your Wednesday Thursday stop in the DCU. As usual I’m joined by fellow DC fanatic Tim Stevens. Tim, did you give any comic related gifts this year?

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Human Target #17 Review

The issue begins with the daily life of Patricia Jones. She’s a “Jane Average.” But she finds herself in harms way after a date tries to kill her. Fortunately an agent of the FBI comes to her rescue. Y’see “Patricia Jones” is really Maggie Stains, a woman who turned state’s evidence against her husband and landed in the Witness Protection Plan. Unfortunately her husband is still trying to kill her and almost successful.

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Plastic Man #13 Review

The issue begins with Plas and his partner Morgan getting reamed by the Chief for not doing their duty. They then decide to apprehend a major felon; a kid who illegally downloaded 10,000 songs.

When they try to bring her in, she makes a break for it. Plas chases her but loses her. Before they can find her, Morgan and Plas get called in on a murder case. It seems someone murdered a man who was in possession of “The Book of Ftthpthktksk” rumored to be the most evil book of all time. There are two other known books in existence.

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Hawkman #35 Review

I keep thinking about dropping this title. Really I do. I’ve never liked Hawkman as a character and only the fact that Green Arrow had a guest-shot with The Spider (last seen in Starman) in the first six-issues after the opening coupled with Geoff Johns writing got me to give the book a shot. I kept going with it through the entirety of John’s run and stuck with it after Palmiotti and Gray took over because… well, let it not be said I won’t give a man a fair shot.

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Robin #133 Review

I was disappointed by this latest issue of Robin. I have wanted to enjoy Robin for a while. And every few issues or so, I do. But I think enough is enough. I am dropping the book. Since Bill Willingham took over, I’ve wanted Robin to be a better book. Willingham does some great work over on Fables, so I was rooting for him. But sadly, he has not really delivered.

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