Pulse Movies Flashback 12/22/2004: Collateral – DVD Review, Pixar Says No to Second Nemo

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Update on the Harry Potter Universe

Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling revealed on her official website she was done with The Half Blood Prince, book number 6 in the Potter series. An announcement is expected within 24 hours regarding the publishing date.

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Collateral – DVD Review

It’s a dark night in the City of Angels. The hustle and bustle of honking horns and finger gestures are still prevalent, but to a lesser degree. Skyscrapers light up the night sky as their facades reflect off the well-polished automobiles that pass on by. Coyotes, both human and animal in nature, are on the prowl as the rest of the city sleeps. And Max (Jamie Foxx) is there to see and hear it all.

Max shares the cab with another driver. Max works nights while the other driver works during the day. He finds that at night traffic is less stressful than daylight business. The customers also tip better during the twilight hours. As his shift progresses he picks up an attractive young woman. Her name is Annie (Jada Pinkett Smith) and she is an assistant district attorney. Annie is a no nonsense type of woman.

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Pixar Says No to Second Nemo

Director John Lasseter, one of the driving forces behind Pixar Studios, had ended hopes for a sequel to last year’s hit Finding Nemo.

Talking to the Australian Associated Press, Lasseter, who also serves as vice-president for Pixar, stated that there were no plans for an eventual sequel. Pixar has been fighting distributing partners Disney over property rights for their joint ventures, but bad blood has ensured from failiure to renew their pertnership, and Disney’s recent announcement of a third Toy Story, which will be done without Lasseter’s group. Not to help anything, Disney President Roger Iger recently revealed that as far as they were concerned, a second “Nemo” was in the works.

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Halo 2, Grand Theft Auto to the Big Screen?

Microsoft and developer Bungie are secretly working on a plan to bring Halo to the big screen, according to Variety. The trade reports that the company, who has resisted all previous temptation from Hollywood to turn their franchise video game into a film, is actively developing a Halo film on their own. Microsoft and Bungie are working on their own script, with the help of an A-list screenwriter, and then plan to shop the finished product to studios. There were rumors a short time ago that Bungie had Ridley Scott (Alien) on the top of a short list of directors they’d be willing to work with.

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Simon Crane to Direct First Feature Film

The Hollywood Reporter reports that Simon Crane, who has worked as a second unit director on films such as Troy and Terminator 3, will direct his first feature film titled Adrenaline for Intermedia Films. The company is fasttracking the project for a midsummer project.

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