Pulse TV Flashback 12/22/2004: The Apprentice Finale, Desperate Housewives, The Amazing Race

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Romo\’s World: The Amazing Race And Some Not So Amazing Shows

With the holidays coming up a great deal of shows are finishing up their seasons or taking a break. This really leaves a sparse amount of good shows still providing new material. I was none to pleased to see a Simpsons rerun on Sunday. That being said here is what I thought of a few shows over the past couple of days.

The Apprentice Finale
I wasn’t very into The Apprentice this year. I was a huge fan of last year’s version but this year there was something missing. Perhaps it was just Donald overload. However the big difference for me was the characters. Don’t get me wrong I know these are real people involved in the show but they are just as much characters as the people on any other show. Last year I felt a connection to the people on the show. Bill, Troy, Amy and IPs own Nick Warnock. Even though I was annoyed by them at times Omorosa and Sam were a big part of getting me into the show. This year blah; other then Andy I didn’t really like or dislike anyone that much. Nick Warnock gives an excellent analysis of the finale and the season as a whole. Click here to read his opinion on the show.

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Bob’s Amazing Thoughts: Maps Scare Me

This week on a brand new The Amazing Race Thoughts. Two teams battle is out for this week’s winner, leading Bob to a controversial decision. One racer is once again and easy weaselly choice. The most interesting characters of the episode are not racers, but a car and a cabbie. And Bob is outraged at a surprise ending.  All this and more in my thoughts on this week’s episode…

1. Winners of the Week: So the race to the Internet cafe was interesting, and I have been now left in suspense as to the actually winners of this leg of the race. So, I am going to put aside the race skills aspects of naming a winner and just pick which team is most fun to watch. I half to admit, this season it has taken me a bit longer to warm up to the teams. There is a broad span of personalities ranging from bland, to quirky, to deranged to unwatchable. This week two teams stood above in the watchable category. Kris and Jon are just a nice, positive couple. Maybe the fact that they are long distance daters has made them not utterly annoyed with each other, so they still find each others deficiencies cute. Yet, the reason I enjoy the team most of all is they are not have the typical fatalistic pessimism that many teams have graced us in the past. “Oh, we missed the bus. We are going to lose.” “Oh, we stink at the challenge, we are going to lose.” “Oh, I just dropped a penny. We are going to lose.” Yet, Kris and Jon put on a good face even when they get lost, make a mistake, or have to drive a human death trap of a car, or as Kris called them, “Herbies.”

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Recapped: Desperate Housewives – Episode 10

Back with another recap as there’s some mail in the mailbag for a change:

“Hey, it’s Jed Shaffer from IP Wrestling. Just had a comment/question about Desperate Housewives.

I’ve noticed in your recaps you keep saying that it’s Mary Alice in the chest? Where did you get this idea? I don’t remember them mentioning it, and the logistics of it are almost impossible; Paul would’ve had to steal the body prior to the wake, stuff it in the chest, put it in the backyard, underneath their in-ground pool, cover up the hole in the pool, fill the pool in time for the gathering at his house, then dig it back up to dispose of the chest after the party. It’s totally impossible, not to mention confusing; why would he need to hide his wife’s body anyway?

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Press Release: Canadian Idol Winner Kalan Porter Rocks The Country With Sold-Out Concert

Only three short months since capturing the Canadian Idol crown, Kalan Porter has taken Canada by storm with a best-selling CD and sold-out concert dates across the country. While 219
Days, his debut CD, continues to cruise toward double platinum status, Porter’s 37-stop, cross-country tour is shaping up to be one of the most-anticipated concert series of the New Year.

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Riding Coattails: Last Man Standing

I have often said that Survivor selects for mediocrity. I tend to make this statement when one of the more controversial or buff players leaves the game. Although Rupert got the People’s Choice award earlier this year, it was clear that his larger-than-life persona would never win him a million dollars the old-fashioned way, so to speak. And as I saw players like Rory, Sarge, and Ami make their exits in Vanuatu, I knew that my theory still held. That is, of course, until I watched the finale.

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