Best of 2014 Awards – Best Digital Comics

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Mike “Skitch” Maillaro

  • Batman ‘66 – Easily the most fun comic I read on a regular basis.  The Green Hornet crossover this year was excellent too.  Might have been the best work Kevin Smith has ever done in comics.
  • Batman Beyond 2.0 – Man, how many books got listed on these “Best of” lists that ended up cancelled?  That’s just depressing.  I have been a huge fan of Batman Beyond for a long time and DC’s follow up series have all been excellent.  Special thanks to Grey for randomly asking me to review an issue a few years ago and getting me hooked again.
  • The Remains – This was one disturbing mini from Monkeybrain.  The ending may have actually traumatized me for life.  It’s the story of a family living on a farm who meets a drifter with some terrible secrets and powers.   SOOOOO  GOOD!
  • Honorable Mention: Sensation Comics – Oh my god, I’m actually enjoying a Wonder Woman comic???  How can this be?  I only bought this series on a whim, and I’m glad I did.  We have gotten a variety of creative teams looking at a variety of aspects of what makes Wonder Woman a unique and important character.  This short digital comic has made me care about the character far more than anything in the 25 years I’ve read comics.

Grey Scherl

  • Batman Beyond 2.0/Justice League Beyond 2.0 – Man, how good was Batman Beyond? Hell, how good was Justice League Beyond? Those were my weekend reading for pretty much the entire year. Then Justice League was phantom cancelled, but hey, Batman went weekly, so I didn’t mind. Then Batman was canned with two weeks notice. I’ve been a sad panda ever since.
  • Smallville Season 11 – The best Superman book you could buy for the past few years, hands down. I’m upset that it’s over, but more because Bryan Q. Miller hasn’t had a followup project announced. Smallville was a great run with a very nice ending that could really have gone either way (series or season).
  • The Remains – Jesus Christ, Cullen, when you told me that the book hadn’t even begun to get disturbing after issue two, you weren’t kidding! THIS IS HOW YOU DO HORROR!
  • Injustice: Gods Among Us – This book made Tom Taylor a star in my eyes, and it’s why I’m reading Superior Iron Man. He took a video game plot and fleshed out three years worth of story out of it. He’s leaving soon, but man, the three volumes he left us with are just fantastic.

James Fulton

  • Private Eye – The only digital series I read this year was this one by Brian K. Vaughan and Marcos Martin, and it’s wonderful.  I don’t like reading comics on the computer though, and as I type this, I realize that I’m like three issues behind on it.
Mike Maillaro is a lifelong Jersey Boy and geek. Mike has been a comic fan for about 30 years from when his mom used to buy him Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Adventures at our local newsstand. Thanks, Mom!! Mike's goal is to bring more positivity to the discussion of comics and pop culture.