Total Divas News: Explanation As To Why Bella Feud Was Abandoned, “Desperation” Season

Some news on the future of Total Divas…


There has been much speculation as to why WWE randomly ended the Bella Twins feud and put them back together as heels in the storyline. Apparently the answers lie within the writing for Total Divas.

The latest season of Total Divas saw lower ratings, and thus WWE is said to be in “desperation” mode to try to get the show back on track. As noted, Naomi and Jimmy Uso are off the show, replaced by Paige and Alicia Fox.

Originally, the storyline for this upcoming season was to be Bella vs. Bella. The story would be that Brie would berate John Cena for leading on Nikki without intending to marry her or make a life with her. Because Cena is such a good guy, he would then break up with Nikki for her own good. Somehow Nikki would find out that Brie was behind Cena dumping her, leading to the rift. The WWE storyline separation was to lead into this Total Divas story.

Instead, WWE is going to go with a “new vs. old” divas war, with the new divas – Paige, Fox and Rosa Mendes – pitted against the ones who have been on the show. This leaves only Cameron and the Bella Twins to be on the same side, with Natalya “stuck in the middle”.

The tone of desperation is said also to be the cause of the increase in “lesbian teases” on the show as well.

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Source: Dave Meltzer, Wrestling Observer Radio