JC’s Top Rope Report: The WWE Christmas Wish List

First off, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all our readers. With the holiday season in full swing, I figured I would put together a little Christmas wish list for all of the wrestlers in the WWE. Hope you enjoy!


Adam Rose

-To go back down to NXT where his gimmick was somewhat over. Rose was called up way too quickly after his gimmick change, and the WWE Creative team ruined any chance he had to get over. I hope he has a breakdown and transforms into Leo Kruger,

Bad News Barrett

-An injury free 2015. Every time Barrett seems to be rising up the ranks, he suffers an injury. This past year was the second time I thought he was the favorite to win Money in the Bank, only to suffer an injury before the match. The fans want to cheer him and I think his gimmick will still be over when he returns. Here’s hoping for a big year from Barrett.

Big E, Kofi Kingston, and Xaiver Woods

-A heel turn. And a convincing one. I thought maybe the New Day would be the opposite of Brodus Clay. Corny debut vignettes, but a serious threat when they debuted. The gimmick was pretty much dead on arrival. I would love to see the New Day just come out and destroy someone like John Cena or Dean Ambrose to get over as a threat. But even at this point it may be too little too late.

Big Show

-A full year as a face or heel. Seriously, just stick with something and don’t change.

Bo Dallas

-Hope that creative still remembers him when he returns from injury. With a mid-carder like him, he could be all but forgotten when he comes back. I like the Bo Dallas gimmick and hope that somehow, someway, the WWE finds a way to make it work.

Bray Wyatt

-To give his character more meaning/purpose. Every single one of his feuds have been based around the same storyline. His character needs some more depth to it. It’s starting to fall flat and needs a good Wrestlemania program to help it out. Hopefully if it is against The Undertaker, that helps.

Brock Lesnar

-To get a bidding war going for his services. I’m pretty sure that is all Brock cares about at this point.


-That someone, ANYONE, recognizes the talent that is here and figures out a way to use it. It looked like 2014 was going to be the year of Cesaro and then the WWE just dropped the ball big time. The talent is there, and it is no one’s fault but the WWE’s for Cesaro not reaching for the “brass ring.” Instead of a start/stop push, get fully behind him and see if things take off again.

Curtis Axel

-Hope that he can find some promo ability, otherwise he may not last the year.

Damien Mizdow

-To keep his new found popularity going once he breaks away from the Miz. I think Mizdow has what it takes to do so. If they do a proper break-up angle, where Mizdow is gone for a few weeks to sell the beatdown, then his comeback could be pretty big. If done properly, Mizdow could be a solid upper mid-card act in 2015.

Daniel Bryan

-Answers. One way or another, I want Daniel Bryan to find out if it is okay for him to return to the ring. If he has to retire, I have no problems with that. I want Bryan to figure out what will be best for his long term future and go from there.

Dean Ambrose

-To win a meaningful match/feud. Since the break-up of the Shield, Dean Ambrose has not won a single match on PPV. He also lost his feud with Seth Rollins and has pretty much lost every match with Bray Wyatt. I get that Ambrose is pushed as someone who is a lunatic and doesn’t care what happens. But sooner or later, he is going to have to start winning some big matches or the fans might lose interest.

Dolph Ziggler

-That 2015 really is the year of Dolph Ziggler. The WWE seems to be giving him some momentum at the end of this year. I don’t know if it will lead to anything, but it is the most Ziggler has been talked about on TV in a long time. If there was a dark horse, out of nowhere candidate to win the Rumble, Ziggler would be my pick. But I hope he keeps this momentum going into the new year.

Erick Rowan

-To not become just another comedy act. Rowan seemed like he was going to get some kind of a push going into Survivor Series. But he’s been an afterthought ever since. He lost to Big Show at TLC and hasn’t done anything since. I’m not saying Rowan was going to be a main eventer, but he could have been something better than the low card act he appears to be on his way to becoming.


-Maybe to change his gimmick again to a hip hop dancer? He’s a lost cause at this point.


-A proper send off. The guy has been around for so long he deserves a proper retirement match whenever that happens.

Heath Slater

-To be found not guilty.

Jack Swagger

-A heel turn. Swagger has grown pretty stale as a face and needs something to change up his character. Of course, he just lost to Fandango on RAW. That’s not a good sign for anybody’s future.

The Usos

-Fresh blood in the tag team division. The Usos popularity rose in 2014. They are probably the best team currently in the WWE from an in ring perspective. But they need some more competition in the division to keep their popularity high.

John Cena

-Normally I would say a heel turn, but I know that won’t happen. What does Cena really need? I would say a break. The guy has busted his ass for ten years in the WWE and really hasn’t had a break outside of injury. I would give the guy a couple months off after Wrestlemania and bring him back for the summer months. Let him rest, and this holds true especially if Daniel Bryan is medically cleared to wrestle. Bryan, Reigns and Ambrose can carry the face side of things for a bit.

Justin Gabriel

-Anything. Seriously. Pair the guy in a tag team with someone good and let them get over. How hard can that be?


-Similar to Goldust, a meaningful retirement. Kane is a complete shell of his former self. Give him a decent storyline to go out on and ride off into the sunset.

Los Matadores

-That El Torrito doesn’t continue to get over more than them.

Luke Harper

-A win. The guy never won a match after becoming Intercontinental Champion. He has the talent to be one of the top big men in the business and needs to be pushed as that. He could be big for the WWE in the future but similar to Ambrose, he needs to pick up some wins to gain some credibility.

Mark Henry

-A return to the Sexual Chocolate gimmick. Why not? At this point in his career you can’t really go back to the great push that he got in 2011. That’s how he should have been booked throughout his career. Why not let him go back to a toned down version of his sexual chocolate character?


-To stick with the tag team scene. Miz has worked the best in his career, outside of his main event run, when he was paired with a tag team. He’s had success with John Morrison, Big Show, and now Damien Mizdow. I don’t know who would be next. But it seems like Miz works rather well when he has someone to team with.


-To go back to 2011 when he was put in a semi-decent storyline and fighting The Rock on PPV. That’s the last time he’s been relevant.

Randy Orton

-To not tone down his character. I was at the last RAW Orton was on and he was definitely over. I know if they give him the unstable character it will be similar to Ambrose. But Orton seems to be at his best when he is just showing up and handing out RKOs left and right. If his character is watered down like it was in the Authority, fans don’t care.

Rey Mysterio

-Two healthy knees that will keep him around longer than a few months.

Roman Reigns

-For the fans to give him a chance. I ranted about this at the end of my live RAW Report. But there are a handful of fans who are already turning on Reigns. He’s not being shoved down our throats like some claim. He’s not John Cena levels of over-exposed and showing up on half of RAW. The same fans who are booing Reigns are the same fans who bitch about Cena being on top all the time. Now we potentially have someone different, and they already hate him. Give Reigns a chance before everyone craps on him, and we are back to square one with John Cena on top.

Rusev and Lana

-Tone down the anti-USA gimmick. Recently on the Wrestling Pulsecast, I said that I believed 2015 would be a big year for Rusev. But they need to tone down the anti-USA stuff a bit and just focus on Rusev being a dominant force who crushes everyone he steps in the ring with. There’s no reason Rusev can’t be a top heel in the WWE, but they can’t make his gimmick so one dimensional.


-That someone finally feeds him more? But seriously, how about deciding whether you want to push Ryback as a serious threat or keep him as a comedy act. It’s already flipped back and forth since he came back.

Seth Rollins

-That he’s not forgotten about after he cashes in his Money in the Bank contract. That’s happened a lot in recent history. Rollins is better than a lot of those guys, so I doubt that it happens. But there is always that little bit of worry in the back of your mind as a fan. I think Rollins will win the Title when he does cash in, so hopefully his reign will be something worthwhile.


-I’ve said this a few times already, but he DESPERATELY needs a heel turn. Probably more than anyone I mentioned already. His character is pretty much a heel as it is but he is pushed as a face. The heel side of the card is lacking and he needs something to freshen up his character.

Sin Cara

-That when he is called up with Kalisto, their tag team gets over. I think they work well together as a team so hopefully the crowd warms to them.


-A chance as a singles star. I don’t know how much longer Goldust will be around. I think by the middle of the year Stardust will be on his own and hopefully he can make some adjustments to his character that will help make it more appealing to the audience.

Titus O’Neil

-The guy seems to have some charisma. Why not give him a fair shot?

Tyson Kidd

-A chance to show off his skills in the ring. He’s already getting over as the kind of douche husband of Natalya. Let the guy wrestle and get some more character development and it will probably help establish a mid-card star. We know Kidd has the ability.

Happy Holidays!

Until Next Time,

Justin C

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