Comics Nexus Flashback 12/25/2004: X-Mas 2004 Special Roundtable

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Leave Your Spandex @t the Door: X-Mas 2004 Special Roundtable

Welcome to the special Christmas 44th edition of Leave Your Spandex @t the Door!

Like last year, I got together with some of comics’ greatest talents and most promising new creators to do a holiday-themed Roundtable! Returning from last year-line-up for more cheerful punishment are Dave Crosland, Mike Carey and Jose Garibaldi, and they are joined this year by Chris Giarusso, Lee Ferguson, Peter David, Neil Kleid, Todd Nauck, Steven Weissman and Chris Moeller!


Dave Crosland followed up on his hit ‘Puffed‘ and ‘Stay Puffed‘ projects last year with the ultimate X-mas hit HEAVEN, LLC and the BAD IDEAS mini-series about a Comic Kid and a Hot Chick, fighting Pussy Voodoo. No, really! His website is filled with Santa porn.

It seems like just last week (it was actually 2 weeks ago) that I was talking with Chris Giarusso about his newly released G-MAN one-shot and I featured some preview pages from Neil Kleid‘s premiere graphic novel, NINETY CANDLES. Both books make excellent X-Mas presents, spread the love!

I have no idea how to properly introduce Peter David, his work on Fallen Angel, Captain Marvel, and Madrox simply blow me away. And in january, he’s set to return to the book that made him famous: the Hulk!

Lee Ferguson got his big break 2 years ago, doing the art for Marvel’s unsung gem, X-MEN ICONS: CHAMBER and has now moved to publish his own personal project, FREAK, through Image Comics!

Whenever I try to talk about Mike Carey, I usually end up sounding like a silly fan-boy, but that’s just how much I ad

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