Pulse TV Flashback 12/25/2004: The Amazing Race

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Riding Coattails: The Good, The Bad, And The Stealthily Weird

In light of my reputation as a reality TV junkie, the following information may shock some readers. The Amazing Race is now in its sixth season, but it’s the first one I’ve ever watched. I would have followed Season Five, which aired this past summer, but due to my own travel schedule, I knew that I would have to miss at least four consecutive episodes and didn’t want to torture myself by even having a taste of the first couple of shows. Some who have been watching the show regularly since its first season claim that the overall quality and intrigue have declined. However, I am now a fully committed viewer, perhaps because I don’t know what I’ve already missed. In the fashion of a genuinely rabid fan, I find myself wringing my hands as the teams sprint to the pit stops and groaning as the a-holes keep finishing first.

The Amazing Race is a lot like life that way. The truly kind, beautiful spirits of the world get shoved out of the way by greedy little trolls who obviously blacked out the tenets they learned in kindergarten about sharing and not calling people nasty names. The four teams that have been eliminated from the race so far, Avi and Joe, Meredith and Maria, Lena and Kristy, and Don and Mary Jean, are all good folks who supported one another when things got tough. And while a handful of nice people remain (Gus and Hera, Kris and Jon), everyone else has demonstrated behavior that falls on a sliding scale of evil. And it is these people to whom I wish to turn my attention.

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