Pulse Music Flashback 12/26/2004: Nyogtha, Under the Influence: Emo

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Nyogtha Volume I, Issue VI

Unlike most of my columns which take an entire week to write due to researching musty old tomes, going through notes and papers I wrote long ago, and getting distracted by IM conversations, this is one I’m writing on the fly. Actually I am writing it a few miles above the ground while I fly to Philadelphia, the cultural and gastronomical Mecca of America from Minneapolis St. Paul, a city that is cultural scrotum cancer and more Old Time Religion than you’d find at the Scopes Monkey Trial.

Don’t get me wrong, I am perfectly content with Minneapolis being my current residence. There are some lovely little restaurants, I’ve met some fabulous people, and after visiting the city of Perth in Australia for two weeks, I will never again complain about the size of Goth Subculture here in the twin cities. I was spoiled by back home. Instead I will leave that last bit up to my visiting friends from other areas.

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Under the Influence: Emo (The Genre, Not The Actor)

Back in the glory days of Audiogalaxy, I was referred by a friend to check out the band Dashboard Confessional. After grabbing a couple of tracks, I was intrigued by the passionate singer/songwriter seemingly pouring his heart out on these simple song arrangements. Around this same time, I started listening to another one man band, Bright Eyes, who I discovered through the Saddle Creek band, The Faint. I had heard the word emo being bandied around, and had read it being mentioned in several magazines, but still didn’t know what constituted it.

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