Forever Heel: Top Five Heels of 2014

I thought I’d cover the top 5 heels for 2014. This list only covers talent from national federations. Basically only WWE and TNA. Although in 2014 TNA failed to have anyone on the list this year. EC3 and James Storm came close, but I already had Orton and Bray on the list at the time. I was about to replace Orton with EC3, but then removed Orton to put in a better heel that turns out to be another WWE guy. So here’s my final list of heels, complete with Kayfabe bio that has some conjecture to make everything flow. The list has no particular order.

Bray Wyatt

Bray did well in 2014.  His feud with Cena showed that he could be just as loved as Cena, and that’s disturbing to some. In the end it didn’t matter, Bray kept his cruel rule breaking ways. He became an anti-villain, meaning that no matter how much we love Bray, he will never be that loveable teddy bear we try to make him into. He will continue to be a charismatic creepy sociopath that will always choose to inflict pain over friendship.
After basically losing his feud with Cena, and having his rivalry with Chris Jericho put on hold, Bray made his most dangerous move. Not content to flounder in the WWE, Bray Wyatt made a destructive decree when he released his loyal monsters upon the WWE. Freeing Rowan and Harper to wander leaderless, mindless, with a craving to cause harm. We worried too much about Rowan and Harper, and didn’t notice that the most dangerous part of breaking up the Wyatt Family was a lone Bray Wyatt. Wyatt is free to roam the WWE without the distraction of brainwashed followers.
The new Bray Wyatt’s first order of business seems to be putting Dean Ambrose through Hell. It won’t be easy, Ambrose has experienced Hell before. Where these two reckless kindred spirits end up is anyone’s guess.


Rusev was a force to be reckoned within his native Bulgaria, but couldn’t stand watching his homeland grovel to the westerners for scraps. Rusev is a strong man who demands he represent an equally strong nation. At the same time Russia hadn’t had success within WWE in over 30 years. Russia would change that with their recent defector, Rusev. Pairing Rusev with Lana, and ordering that the former Bulgarian Brute crush all opponents in his way. Rusev will be the one to that returns Russia to prestige.
Rusev is as dangerous as any Russian in pro-wrestling history. He’ll crush any man in the ring, but especially enjoys beating those that would defend America. Jack Swagger, Mark Henry, and Big Show have all failed to bring down this modern day Russian Nightmare. Rusev is putting America to shame, and the worst part is, he’s walking around as the WWE United States Champion. Antagonizing American fans with their own flag.

Seth Rollins

Rollins created the Shield as a means to break into the main WWE roster, and the Shield’s dealings with Paul Heyman, and then WWE Champion, CM Punk assured that they would stay in the big leagues. Rollins quickly captured the WWE Tag Team titles with fellow Shield member, Roman Reigns, while Dean Ambrose would win the WWE United States title, giving Ambrose the feeling that he deserved more of a say. Seth was okay with that and even let Ambrose talk him into rebelling against the Authority.
The Shield would have great success fending off the Authority’s attacks of vengeance. The Shield even beat back a newly reformed Evolution, but Seth knew the Authority would eventually win, or make their lives miserable until they did. Rollins did the only smart thing that any good leader would do, he’d destroy his own faction, and return to the Authority.
Upon returning to the Authority, Seth slowly gained favor in the group while Randy Orton’s golden boy status was losing it’s shine. With the help of Kane, Rollins would win The Money in the Bank Briefcase, and go on to beat back attacks by his former Shield brothers. By the fall of 2014, Seth had replaced Randy Orton as the Authority’s choice to be the face of the WWE. Now if he can only figure out a sure-fire way to win the belt…

Brock Lesnar

Brock Leasnar joined WWE strictly for the money and glory. He doesn’t care if you like it, or not. In Brock’s mind he’s doing the fans and WWE a favor by not showing up at most events because when Brock shows up, people get hurt. He doesn’t care if you’re a fan of his, he’d just as soon hug you, as break your arm. Lesnar doesn’t particularly enjoy causing destruction, but it comes so easy to him, and it solves a lot of problems for him.
Brock ended the Undertaker’s WrestleMania streak. He doesn’t care about the Undertaker’s WrestleMania streak. To Lesnar, Undertaker is just another faceless pretender to the thrown. Brock brought the WWE World Heavyweight Championship home at Summerslam. Meaning he won the WWE WHC, and brought it back to his home. The belt will stay nice and safe there. Some fanboys will say that Brock is tarnishing the belt by not defending it, and not appearing on WWE Tv.  Again, Brock doesn’t care. The belt brings in glory and glory brings in money. If WWE wants more of Lesnar then they should pay him more money. He is their champion after all. Why should he risk killing his golden goose by showing up on Raw, where Seth Rollins is waiting for the right moment to cash in?

Triple H

Triple H had his first WWE title reign in 1999, and the power that came with pro-wrestling’s top title wasn’t enough. He wanted to be in control of everything. Hunter wanted to run every aspect of the WWE. The only way that could happen is if he was a McMahon, or if he married one. Which he did.
Since then Triple H and Stephanie McMahon have become the top power couple in wrestling. Beyond just being a mere champ, Triple H is now a kingmaker, using his own wrestling pedigree as the yardstick to measure all potential main event players. Hunter isn’t above using nepotism and favoritism to insure that his vision is what’s best for business. A decade ago, guys worried about breaking through the glass ceiling. Now talent worries about Triple H putting them through the glass floor. A place where upon reaching the bottom, a superstar’s WWE dreams are shattered along with their livelihood.

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