Spider-Man Marvel Legends Infinite Series 2015 Wave 1 Revealed


Online retailer Robot Kingdom has started taking pre-orders for the first wave of Spider-Man Legends of 2015. While some of these were first revealed back at SDCC (Click here for full gallery), it now looks like we have the entire wave revealed.

-Classic Spider-Man
-Spider-Man 2099
-Spider-Girl (Mayday)
-Ultimate Spider-Woman
-Hobgoblin (Build-a-Figure)


While the past few years Hasbro has been using the swap figure (Toxin/Boomerang & Black Cat/Spider-Girl last year) in the past few years, it is worth noting that it appears as if all 6 of these figures will appear at the same time, as they are all needed to make Hobgoblin. Robot Kingdom also has Spider-Woman & Spider-Girl listed at 2 per case, but we will see if that holds true. They are set to arrive to that site at the end of this month, so I would anticipate Hi-Res images coming very soon!

Check out Mike & Sal’s images from SDCC below!

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