Wednesday Comments – Books I Hope DC Launches in June

Happy New Year!

Since it’s a new year, I figured I’d start off on an optimistic note. We know that DC is cancelling 13 titles in a few months time, with the assumption that some new books will be launched in June, post Convergence. So I thought I’d devote this week’s edition to some titles that I hope to see launched in June.

See, I’m being optimistic because I’m hoping that these are some of the titles we’ll see, rather than complaining about things I’d like to see done differently in 2015.

Three of DC’s Green Lantern books are ending; Green Lantern Corps, Red Lanterns and New Guardians. Personally I think that makes June a prime spot to launch a cosmic/space book. The Green Lantern family has had a stranglehold on DC’s cosmic adventures for years, it’s time to branch out.

Given the way things have been playing out in those books, I could see either Darkstars or a L.E.G.I.O.N. title coming out way in June. The DC Universe is vast place full of weird cosmic characters. Justice League United is exploring a bit of that now, but DC could go further.

I could also see an Omega Men book coming out. It’d be a nice change from having the leads be a group of space cops to having them be a group of space adventurers.

To me, it would sort of make sense to see either Captain Marvel (I think I’ve decided to keep calling him that) or Cyborg get solo titles launched. They’re the two members of the Justice League who don’t have their own solo books. They’ve also got movies on the horizon, granted they’re down the line, but they’ve still been announced. Also, while Captain Marvel has a collection of his New 52 adventures in print, Cyborg doesn’t.

Speaking of books spinning out of the Justice League title, I wouldn’t be too surprised to see either a Doom Patrol book or Blue Beetle book starring Ted Kord to pop up in June. Geoff Johns has clearly been setting up both properties and June seems as good a time to see if they can stand on their own as any other month.

A couple other characters who might also get solo titles in June could be The Atom and Booster Gold. Booster Gold has been kicking around the New 52 for awhile and seems to be a huge part of Convergence, so it seems like a natural time for him to get a solo title again.

Ray Palmer’s also showing up a lot lately and playing a pivotal role in Futures End. Plus, I imagine that DC might want to launch a title showcasing their pint size hero, on the off chance that it may piggyback off the upcoming Ant-Man film.

I’ve also got some personal picks of books that I’d really like to see announced for June launches.

First up is Who’s Who in the DCU. I’m still salty that the new Who’s Who series set to launch May 2010 was shelved. Like, I’m devastated. Seriously crushed. So here’s to hoping that we get a new Who’s Who.

And since we’re losing World’s Finest, I think it’d be cool so see another team up book launch. Yes, there’s Batman & Robin, Batman/Superman and Superman/Wonder Woman, but it’d be nice to have a team up title that doesn’t feature one of DC’s trinity. So I think The Brave & the Bold returning would be pleasant surprise.

Another pleasant surprise would be seeing DC trying to incorporate Milestone characters again. Maybe they could try with Static again or possibly Icon. I’d even be happy with Kobalt, just as long as they give it a genuine try this time.

And of course I’d like to see DC give the Legion of Superheroes another shot, but I’m probably the only one.

So, those are the titles that I’d like to see DC launch in June. We’re only a couple months from finding out what the actual titles are going to be, so I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed.

Do you have any books that you’d like to see DC launch in June?

Anyway it’s Wednesday, go out and get from fresh new comic books from your local comic shop.

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