Pulse Music Flashback 01/09/2005: Saturday Swindle Sheet #76, Nyogtha

Inside Pulse launched on August 9, 2004, and has covered the world of music for over a decade. Every day, we take a look back at what was happening in the world of music 10 years ago, as reported right here at Inside Pulse!

Nyogtha Volume I, Issue VIII

There’s no real essays or anything this week. Due to some massive time constraints, this is going to have to be primarily a mailbag.

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The Weekly Music Pulse: The Saturday Swindle Sheet #76

Welcome to The Saturday Swindle Sheet. This week’s column is brought to you by Hershey’s Take 5 bar. It has caramel, peanuts, peanut butter, chocolate, and pretzels. PRETZELS! In a candy bar! Just when you thought you’d seen everything…!

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