10 Thoughts On WWE Monday Night Raw 01/12/15

Welcome to a guest 10 Thoughts. I will be updating this as the night goes on with my thoughts of tonight’s show.

1) John Cena threatens to win the WWE Championship and sit at home, keeping the WWE Championship off of the show…so how is that any different from Brock having the title?

2) Dean Ambrose must go under a psych examination before being able to compete in the Royal Rumble Match. Why doesn’t he just declare that is in the match like everyone else?
2a) Looks they enjoyed their commercial for Smackdown’s move back to Thursdays so much they wanted to incorporate it in the storylines.
2b) Why isn’t A New Day the main spokesmen for Smackdown’s move?

3) Speaking of A New Day…Cesaro jobbed again. Ok, so it was Kidd who took the pin, but not a great start to this new Tag Team.

4) Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa…wait up. Did they just tease a possible announcement that Macho Man may possibly be inducted in the Hall of Fame?

5) With Ambrose’s ‘THURSDAY!’ and ‘toothpaste’ for Kane, one has to wonder how much leeway he actually has.

6) Another great Heyman promo, too bad it’s lost on this cookie cutter show.

7) Stephanie interrupting a Daniel Bryan promo…what a difference a year makes.

8) Brock tells us when the Future begins in the WWE…but all fingers point to Monday, March 30th.

9) I like Tyson Kidd as much as the next guy, but he was involved in 3 (three) matches tonight, that doesn’t seem odd to anyone else?

10) Dean Ambrose wins the MVP of the night for the Psych segments, and carrying a decent TV match with Rusev.

11) Nothing says depleted roster like the main event segment including Cena, Lesner, & Rollin’s 3rd appearance on the show.

Good night folks! Hope someone out there enjoyed tonight’s show!

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