Monday Night Raw Live Report: Interesting Live Notes Report


-Michael Cole came out to boos. JBL and Booker T came out to nice pops.

-John Cena opened the show to a mixed reaction as usual. I was proud of my New Orleans crowd as there were more boos than cheers for Cena. At one point, a “Butter Face” chant broke out directed at Stephanie. I did not partake in this chant. I think Stephanie is sexy and even better looking in person.

-I yelled “We want Sting” at Triple H a few times. I am Sting mark!The segment dragged a little but set up a nice lumberjack match between Rollins and Cena.

-Seth Rollins vs John Cena (Lumberjack Match): Even though I want to see Ziggler come back, I cheered for Rollins the entire time. Others joined me but the kiddos made their presence known. A lot of fans were heckling Big Show. I won’t mention the things that were yelled at him. He was a good sport about it though. He told one fan to “sit down fat boy.” It reminded me of the Nature Boy on WCW Nitro days. Good times. The powerbomb Rollins gave Cena into the turnbuckle was great stuff. Rollins is a great heel! He plays the screechy, arrogant heel perfectly. He’s a star.

-Cesaro and Tyson Kidd vs. Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods: I was cheering for Cesaro and Kidd throughout the match. There were a few “New Day sucks” chants but nothing too noticeable. I hope Cesaro/Kidd get a push at the tag titles. Fans cheering for them (like me) won’t help matters though. Doing the Cesaro swing won’t help them get over as heels either.

-Roman Reigns Promo: Ah, here’s where things started to really pick up. Reigns’ promo was one of the worst I’ve ever heard. I’m talking “Jumpin Jeff Farmer” bad. I booed Reigns after every pause. I could really hear the crowd start to join me in booing Reigns. As petty as it may seem, I felt pleased with myself.

-Luke Harper vs. Roman Reigns: As one might assume, I booed the hell out of Roman Reigns. There wasn’t really anybody cheering for Reigns. Even the kiddos stopped cheering for him.
-There was a huge “Lets Go Harper” chant that broke out in a different section of the arena. The reaction for Reigns is awful right now. His promo should be the death of his current big time push. There’s no way he’s winning the Rumble. Believe that.

-Alicia Fox vs. Naomi: What the hell was this?

-Paul Heyman/Brock Lesnar: Surprisingly, Lesnar actually got quite a bit of cheers. Heyman did his thing. Lesnar stood there like a beast.

-The Miz vs Jey Uso: Like most of you have noticed, Sandow is over!

-Daniel Bryan’s Promo: The crowd went ballistic for DB! He had the biggest pop of the night by far. It’s not even close. We all hung on every word he said. I completely marked out for DB and the rest of the NOLA crowd did as well. Vince wants to talk about brass rings? Nobody and I mean nobody deserves the brass ring more than Bryan. He’s over with the smarks. He’s over with the kids. He’s over with EVERYONE. He’s a superstar. I can’t wait to watch the Rumble in Philly. “If Bryan doesn’t win, we riot.” There were a lot of people doing the Hacksaw Jim Duggan HOOOOOOOOO! thing at Stephanie. I joined in. I can’t lie about it.

Paige vs. Brie Bella: I was one of the only few people in the arena cheering for Paige. I’m simply in love with her. It drives my girlfriend crazy but I can’t help myself.

-The Ascension vs. Two Jobbers: There was a “Lets Go Jobbers” chant that I joined in on. One of the jobbers looked a little like a mini-KENTA (Hideo Itami). He took a beating. I hope he’s okay.

Rusev vs. Dean Ambrose: Odd pairing here. The crowd booed Rusev and cheered Ambrose. That’s about it. Like I said, odd pairing. Oh, and Lana was magnificent as usual.

Closing Segment: Raw closed to a cool ending. Brock Lesnar was the crowd favorite here (although I don’t know how it came across on TV). Cena got his cheers from the kiddos but the adult male demographic definitely cheered for Lesnar.

Dark Main Event: Bray Wyatt vs. Dean Ambrose. Bray Wyatt came out first. He said he was happy to be home in New Orleans!! I marked the F out for this! I’ve been waiting for Bray to turn babyface and be billed from New Orleans! I was dying for Bray to say “New Orleans, were home” at Mania 30 but it never happened. The crowd popped nicely when Bray said he was happy to be home tonight. The crowd ended up cheering for Ambrose when he came out though. They exchanged some kendo shots and that was pretty much that. I’m excited as hell for Bray turning face though. “New Orleans, I’m home” – Bray Wyatt

Other Notes

-I don’t remember where the Randy Savage HOF inductee promo occurred but it was well received by the fans. Of course, the kiddos had no idea who he was but the adult fans cheered. All I can say is that it’s about damn time! Long live Randy Savage!

-I don’t know how the Ambrose/psychiatrist skits came off on TV but they were pretty well received by the live crowd. Everyone loved the Hacksaw Jim Duggan HOOOOOOOOOO for Stephanie!

-Quite a few Sting shirts and marks in the audience tonight (including my girlfriend and me). His Raw debut will be special. I can’t wait.

-Cena’s popularity has decreased overall.

-Wyatt will turn babyface soon!

-Reigns isn’t over at all. If anything, he’s getting more and more boos. The Rumble should be fun. That Philly crowd will eat him alive.

-As much heat as WWE gets, I really appreciated them tying together tonight’s episode of Raw with WrestleMania 30. I was at Mania 30 so I was pleased that it (and the city of New Orleans) were mentioned so much.

Biggest Pops
1. Daniel Bryan (by a mile)
2. Dean Ambrose
3. Brock Lesnar/John Cena (TIE)
4. Damien Sandow (Mizdow)
5. Randy Savage HOF Induction
6. Bray Wyatt announcing “New Orleans, I’m home”

Most Heat
1. Rusev
2. Triple H and Stephanie
3. Seth Rollins/John Cena (TIE)
4. Big Show
5. The Miz
6. Reigns’ Promo

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