Arrow Spoilers: Stephen Amell Discusses Oliver Queen’s ‘Death’ & Rise Of New Heroes

Is Oliver Queen really dead?

That is the million dollar question and the answer will apparently take a couple of episodes to unravel. Arrow returns to The CW this evening and in a recent interview, Stephen Amell attempted to answer as much as he could.

On Oliver’s current circumstances…
“In the present day? Nothing. Dragged on a rickshaw through the cold and the wind and the rain and snow, and hopefully heading for recovery.”

On when and if we will ever learn what happened to him after he lost his duel with Ra’s…
“Clearly, we’ve seen from the preview, we’re going to revisit the spot of the duel with Ra’s. And then as far as recovery goes… again, hopefully. But Oliver’s story, however it plays out, will continue to be told in real time, and the flashbacks will continue. The basic construction of the show will remain the same.”

On why Oliver had to lose the duel…
“Well, I think that as much as I like being victorious over the Dark Archer or Deathstroke, there is an important element on any television show, and that is that you have to defeat your protagonist every once in a while, so that hopefully he or she learns something. And hopefully they’re alive to learn the lesson.”

On the rise of new heroes in the absence of the Arrow…
“You can’t have a television show that is going to sustain interest and continue to grow and become better if it’s just the same all the time. If you don’t elevate new characters and make them as important as the main character, then you’re dead in the water. You’re going to become stale. So, I want to see a discussion in the Arrowcave where Roy steps to the forefront and says, “I’m making the decision, let’s go. This is going to be my show this time.” I think that we have characters that are ready for moments like that.”

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