TNA Impact Feast Or Fired Results: Who Got Title Shots, Who Was Fired [Spoilers]


TNA Impact had its semi-regularly “Feast or Fired” event where four wrestlers got briefcases that could feature a title shot or a pink slip.

Here are the results for the 2015 Feast or Fired, which aired on TNA Impact on Destination America on January 23, 2015.

Rockstar Spud – X Division Title Shot
Magnus – Tag Team Title Shot
Austin Aries – Heavyweight Title Shot
Robbie E. Velvet Sky – somehow because Velvet gave the briefcase to Robbie as his manager, it counted as her briefcase and she was fired. Robbie did some of the worst mic work in wrestling history to sell this ridiculous turn of events.

So it appears that Velvet Sky will be gone from TNA TV for the forseeable future.

Dixie Carter tweeted about it:

Seems like TNA has a new Photoshop template they love using!

Then I also tweeted about it:

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