Rasslin’ Roundtable – WWE Royal Rumble 2015 PPV

WWE has its first PPV of 2015 tonight with the 2015 Royal Rumble!

We will have full coverage of the event with on-site play by play, Twitter @PulseWrestling coverage with Matt Harrak live from the show!

Here are the staff predictions for the event:

WWE World Heavyweight Title Match
Brock Lesnar (c) w/Paul Heyman vs. John Cena vs. Seth Rollins w/J&J Security

CB – Brock Lesnar retains so that we can get the first half of the WrestleMania XXXI main event properly set. Seth Rollins thinks about cashing in, but doesn’t after others get in his way.
Winner: Brock Lesnar

Jake Ziegler – They’ve managed to make the fourth meeting between Cena and Lesnar interesting by adding Rollins, and tangentially by Bryan’s return. I see something like Cena winning by pinning Rollins and then Brock destroying him leading to Rollins cashing in and walking away with the title. So I guess I pick Cena to win the actual triple threat match.
Winner: John Cena

Chris Sanders – Of course, there’s really no way Brock is going to lose the belt before WM31. I haven’t been this confident about a match since I picked Undertaker over Brock at WM30 and we all know how right I was about that. Also, Randy Orton comes out to interfere and cost the match for Seth.
Winner: Brock Lesnar

Justin C – Brock Lesnar’s Title reign has not been handled well. But amazingly, he’s still over with the crowd. And they actually have been planting the seeds for a Lesnar face turn down the line. I don’t think that’ll happen until after Mania though, IF Lesnar re-signs. I could easily see Seth Rollins retaining here as well. Cena winning would be an absolute trainwreck. I’m going with Lesnar re-taining, but I would absolutely not rule out Rollins leaving one way or another with the Title.
Winner: Brock Lesnar

David Spain – I think that the long game here is going to be WrestleMania. Whilst someone taking the title from Brock is big at any point, doing it at the Show of Shows is the factor that will elevate. It will perfectly answer the BREAKING OF THE STREAK from last year, and whoever is responsible will benefit for a hell of a long time. Lesnar doesn’t lose the title this Sunday, but I’m looking forward to that one moment where it looks like Seth’s going to do it.
Winner (and STILL WWE World Heavyweight Champion): Brock Lesnar

Brittney Soban – Brock Lesnar will win. Despite J&J security and Cena’s guarentees I can’t see Lesnar dropping the title before Mania. I think Cena and Lesnar will take out J&J, which means Seth will finally get a decent ass kicking before a close call for Cena pinning Lesnar. This will, of course, enrage Lesnar and he will take down Cena for the win.
Winner: Brock Lesnar

Pat Metalhead – Since I’m still not convinced WWE has given up on the Lesanr/Cena:The FinalChapter thingie, just reserving it for WM, so i’ll stick with my earlier prediction : Cena wins by pinning Rollins, Lesnar destroys Cena, Rollins cashes in, Heyman grins, IT WAS A SET-UP ALL ALONG !!! Or something.
Winner: John Cena because WWE wanna do this even if no-one else wants.

Brian Mitarotondo – Brock wins-Rollins cashes in with Heyman’s help and wins
Winner: Seth Rollins

Rob Howell – My first feeling is that at least this match is guaranteed to be better than last year’s title match. I don’t think Brock is walking into mania with the belt, and I feel like they need to clean up Money in the Bank before mania, so this will likely be a cluster of a match ending with Cena getting that 16th reign, but Rollins keeping up is heelery and cutting it short with a cash in.
Winner: John Cena followed by a Seth Rollins cash in and victory

Jared Doucet – This one was hard because there are so many different directions they could go in. I know Cena winning is the least likeliest to happen (that does not sound right at all!) and I don’t think the company is completely onboard with Lesnar going into Mania as the champion. I think Rollins steals the victory and have him go into Mania to drop the belt.
Winner: Seth Rollins, NEW WWE CHAMPION!!!

Murtz Jaffer – There is absolutely no way Brock Lesnar loses here. It would be great if WWE swerved us like they did at last year’s Wrestlemania with Undertaker’s streak ending (only in reverse with Lesnar losing this time around), but it simply can’t happen. While their decision to push a part-time wrestler will continue to baffle me, the result of this one definitely does not.
Winner: Brock Lesnar

Widro – It’s clear to me that adding Seth Rollins to the match meant he is the designated jobber, because he has also the Money in the Bank briefcase. In this case, I think it’s to prevent Brock going over on Cena again with no return favor
Winner: Lesnar


WWE Tag Team Title Match
The Usos (Jimmy & Jey) (c) w/Naomi vs. The Miz & Damien Mizdow

CB – The Usos retain as more tension with Miz and Mizdow is teased before the Rumble match.
Winners: The Usos

Jake Ziegler – The Miz & Damien Mizdow have been ridiculously entertaining but it seems like they’re headed for a breakup so I expect the seeds will be sewn here for a Mizdow turn later in the evening in the actual Rumble match. Usos retain and continue being the best team in the company.
Winners: The Usos

Chris Sanders – Eh, they’re gonna start the Miz vs Mizdow program soon before this whole Mizdow craze fizzles out, right?
Winner: Usos

Justin C – The seeds for the Miz/Mizdow break-up are becoming more and more evident with each passing week. So I see no reason for them to regain the Titles here. The Usos retain and they move on to Cesaro and Tyson Kidd. And then we get to see if Damien Sandow can keep his momentum going after the break-up.
Winners: The Usos

David Spain – Tyson Kidd and Cesaro. The New Day. The Ascension. What do those three teams have in common? They’d provide better matches than Miz and Mizdow. We have some good potential feuds, and the Usos need to be a part of that. Give Miz2 their return match, and get to their break-up.
Winner (and STILL WWE Tag Team Champions): The Usos.

Brittney Soban – The Usos will pick up the win. Maybe with the help of a well placed slap from Naomi but that time has come for the Miz & Mixzdow to fall apart. This will effect the Rumble later on (see my Rumble predictions.)
Winners: The Usos

Pat Metalhead – For some reason, I don’t want to go with the obvious choice here, and yes a Miz/Mizdow break-up is in the books at some point, but here I predict a Naomi turn, causing the Uso’s to loose so the WWE creative team can can continue expressing their love for bad soap-opera between now and WM.
Winner: Miz/Mizdow because of backstabbing Naomi.

Brian Mitarotondo – Usos win with help from Mizdow face turn
Winner: The Usos

Rob Howell – The Usos are really starting to drag me down in their matches, I like their style, and I feel like this time last year I was super into them, but now they’re just treading water and holding onto the straps like life preservers. This match will probably just push towards the inevitable miz/mizdow break up, and keep the status quo for the Usos
Winner: Usos

Jared Doucet – I think the WWE is spliting Miz and Mizdow up so no need for them to win the belts.
Winners: The Usos retain.

Murtz Jaffer – I really hate the way The Miz is being booked. This guy should be a main event player, and he has been reduced as nothing more than a bit player in the tag division. While a split with Mizdow is inevitable in this match, I am hoping that the ensuing feud will result in Miz finally being pushed back to the top of the card. Honestly? This guy should be the one Roman Reigns faces at Wrestlemania. That is a match that I would actually pay to see. In any event, The Usos retain here.
Winner: The Usos

Widro – The titles are already off of the Miz and Mizdow, who appear to be headed for a split, so it seems unlikely to me that the titles change here.
Winners: Usos

The New Age Outlaws vs. The Ascension

CB – The Ascension probably win here, but this ship has already sailed.
Winners: The Ascension

Jake Ziegler – I guess this is a thing that’s happening. I don’t watch RAW or SmackDown anymore, so all I know is what they show on the 30-minute “Week in Review” on the Network, so I don’t really even know why this match is happening. I would hope the Outlaws don’t go over.
Winners: The Ascension

Chris Sanders – This match has “let’s fill the card but all our guys are tied up with the Rumble” written all over it. NAOs to save the day like last year but I don’t see them having a similar outcome.
Winners: Ascension

Justin C – If there is any hope for the Ascension, they need to win this match. That was a strong burial on Monday. I’m going with The Ascnesion winning and getting a little bit of heat back with a post-match beatdown of the Outlaws.
Winners: The Ascension

David Spain – I’m excited for this match mainly because I still haven’t seen any of the Ascension’s non-squash matches (in my defence, I have had an absurdly busy life recently), and also because I love Road Dogg’s pre-match spiel. I like the fact that the Ascension is delivering on how it’s way better than old teams; I never thought it would get this kind of follow-through, and I hope and pray they bring the APA back for one more match against these two. But yeah, the Ascension takes this match. I mean…just takes it.
Winners (and responsible for the ASSAULT OF OLD PEOPLE): The Ascension

Brittney Soban – Tough call… the optimist and lover of past wrestling wants the New Age Outlaws to win but I think the NAO will put over the Ascension on this one. Not something I enjoy typing but a lot of the wrestling alumni have been used over the years to put over young stars. Maybe this will be the same.
Winners: The Ascension

Pat Metalhead – Ok, let me be clear here, if the NOA wins, I riot ! After what happened on Raw i should hope the ascension wins here, otherwise they can just write looser all over their war-paint.
Winners: The Ascension because Kill/Destroy/Mutilate for what you did to us on Monday.

Brian Mitarotondo – The Ascension wins clean
Winner: The Ascension

Rob Howell – Does anyone else feel like this match will look like two old men beating their kids because they’re disappointed that they’ve become LARPers?
Winner: The Ascension

Jared Doucet – Vince is out to get promising young and upcoming talents……expect the Outlaws to go over.
Winners: New Age Outlaws.

Murtz Jaffer – Shockingly, this terrible match is the one that is the toughest for me to call. I have always been partial to the New Age Outlaws, but because they were humiliated at the Raw Reunion, I like The Ascension for the win here.
Winners: The Ascension (as the WWE descends into pushing these hapless jobbers).

Widro – Despite the fact that the Ascension aren’t getting over and were almost buried on Raw, this match seems designed to get them a win.
Winners: The Ascension

The Bella Twins vs. Paige and Natalya

CB – Paige and Natalya better kick ass here.
Winners: Paige and Nattie

Jake Ziegler – I also have no idea why this match is happening, but I think I read that Nikki is injured so Brie will probably fight the whole match herself and get beat.
Winners: Paige & Natalya

Chris Sanders – Meh
Winner: Bellas due to Tyson Kidd shenanigans

Justin C – The Bellas win after Paige turns on Natalya. When did Paige become face again in the first place?
Winners: The Bella Twins

David Spain – This match would be so, so, so much better if the Bellas teamed with Bryan and Cena, and Paige and Nat teamed with Kidd and Cesaro, and it was an eight-person inter-gender tag match. Seriously, can you freaking imagine some of the double-team moments? As to this match, I think we’re going to see how awesome a team of two female wrestlers with mad wrestling skillz is, and I predict that Paige and Natalya beat the Bellas.
Winners (of, what, like the third tag team match of this show?): Paige and Natalya

Brittney Soban – Paige & Natalya will pick up the win after one of the Bella’s messes up and accidentally takes out the other (an elbow, running into them on the ropes, Bria going for a kick that is ducked and makes her hit Brie. Take your pick.) The Bella’s have been winning lately, a loss is due.
Winners: Paige & Natalya

Pat Metalhead – I sure hope this is the set-up for Paige and/or Natalya (both will be better, more combination possible) to be inserted in the woman’s title picture so…
Winners: Paige and Natalya because we got talent and you don’t.

Brian Mitarotondo – Nobody cares
Winner: N/A

Rob Howell – Paige and Natalya are a pretty fun tag team, and it sounds like Nikki is injured so I’ll hedge my bets and say this is a quick beat down on Brie.
Winner: Paige and Natalya

Jared Doucet – Paige & Nattie are “feuding” on Total Divas…..that will probably play a factor here.
Winners: The Bellas.

Murtz Jaffer – It doesn’t really matter who interferes and regardless of whether it is Tyson Kidd’s antics or Paige turning on Natalya, the Bella’s will be victorious.
Winners: The Bella Twins

Widro – This divas storyline is pretty thin and seems to be mostly a vehicle to promote Total Divas.
Winners: The Bellas

20141215_LIGHT_Rumble_Match_HOME_Kickoff b
Elimination Kick-Off Show Match
Adam Rose, Tyson Kidd & Cesaro vs. The New Day

CB – Last men standing will be Tyson Kidd and Cesaro.
Winners: Kidd and Cesaro

Jake Ziegler – I like most of these guys so this could be entertaining. Don’t know what the backstory is, but Cesaro and Kidd never win, so let’s go with the other guys.
Winners: The New Day

Chris Sanders – Why?
Winner: The other team with Cesaro as the last remaining superstar alive because he’s brutally murdered everyone (including his own teammates) in a Jason Stathem-like fight sequence. Cesaro puts on his suit jacket and drives away in an Audi. CUT TO BLACK.

Justin C – The people with the most hope in this match are Cesaro and Tyson Kidd. I see Adam Rose getting eliminated quickly, then Cesaro and Kidd eliminating all of the New Day in route to victory. Cesaro and Kidd move on to the Tag Titles.
Winners: Tyson Kidd, Cesaro and Adam Rose

David Spain – Good God, are there four tag team matches on this show? Man, this is actually a conundrum. I mean, Adam Rose is currently worthless, so why push him? Kidd and Cesaro are damnably wonderful, but the WWE seems to be so beyond caring. Nobody likes the New Day, but it seems like this is for their benefit. Even though the only good thing about them teaming together is that my not-caring can be consolidated into one, quick session of apathy, rather than multiple segments. Unfortunately, I think it’s still…(sigh)…“a New Day”.
Winner: The New Day (same as the old day)

Brittney Soban – The New Day wins. This team needs to gain some momentum and a lot of fans are solidly enjoying Cesaro and Tyson Kidd. Adam Rose is a throw away participant in this match since he has no momentum or fan base at the moment. The New Day needs a good win over this group in order to show they can work together and are a force to be reckoned with.
Winners: The New Day

Pat Metalhead – Oh dear, the Cesaro punishment continues. Yeah new Day wins for whatever reason.
Winners: New Day because whatever.

Brian Mitarotondo – New Day wins clean
Winner: The New Day

Rob Howell – I wasn’t really into Adam Rose party king, but for some horrible reason I’m very into Adam Rose, evil party king. The New Day will have their big spots later in the night with Kofi in the rumble; and Tyson and Cesaro are gaining a lot of momentum so I see them grabbing the win here.
Winner: The Brass Ring Club

Jared Doucet – Because Vince hates Cesaro, that’s why!
Winners: The New Day.

Murtz Jaffer – I have seen many bad gimmicks in wrestling, but The New Day is up there as one of the worst. I am going to go with Cesaro cleaning house and eliminating everyone including his own team. That’s honestly the only way to salvage this clunker.
Winners: Adam Rose, Tyson Kidd & Cesaro *(but really just Cesaro)

Widro – This match has a bit of a back story in low card angles, but it doesn’t really have an impact either way. Hopefully Cesaro will get to be in the Rumble.
Winners: The New Day

Royal Rumble Match

Rumble Winner: Daniel Bryan
Rumble Bonus Predictions:

  • Who is #1/2: Daniel Bryan and Adrian Neville
  • Surprises: Randy Orton, Devon Dudley, Bubba Ray Dudley, Adrian Neville, Sheamus, Bo Dallas
  • Most Eliminated: Roman Reigns
  • Most Time In Rumble: Daniel Bryan

Jake Ziegler
Rumble Winner: Daniel Bryan
Rumble Bonus Predictions:

  • Who is #1/2: Daniel Bryan and Bad News Barrett
  • Surprises: Rob Van Dam, Randy Orton
  • Most Eliminated: Rusev
  • Most Time In Rumble: Dean Ambrose

Chris Sanders – – The Rumble is going to go one of two ways: what everyone wants to happen or what WWE wants to happen. We all want Daniel Bryan to win but all know how much WWE wants Roman to win and be the most over wrestler to have ever overed in World Entertainment Entertainment history. Last year, at WM30 WWE compromised in a way rarely seen ever, they got the main event they wanted but yet still included the guy we wanted in said main event as well and then even had that same guy win. I don’t see our good luck carrying over into this year. That being said, if WWE is going to have Roman win, they’re going to need to do all they can to distance him from Daniel Bryan getting eliminated to avoid Roman getting any sort of fan backlash and boo’d out of the building like Rey Mysterio and Batista last year. Have Daniel Bryan come out early and eventually get screwed by Kane or whatever, make sure Daniel Bryan is eliminated before Roman ever even enters the match and a few fans just might cheer at the end. If this match comes down to Roman and Daniel has the final 2 and Bryan doesn’t win, expect a riot.
Rumble Winner: Roman Reigns. I’m sorry, I’m not thrilled about it either
Rumble Bonus Predictions:

  • Who is #1/2: Daniel Bryan and Kane
  • Surprises: Randy Orton, Sheamus, DDP, Dudleys
  • Most Eliminated: Roman but not anywhere close to his record
  • Most Time In Rumble: Ziggles

Justin C – It’s a two horse race between Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan. Reigns winning means that the WWE is ready to move on to the future and make some new top stars. But would the WWE really risk a fan revolt at the Rumble two years in a row? While I think Reigns will be important to the long term future of the WWE, I just think Daniel Bryan winning now is the better story.
Rumble Winner: Daniel Bryan
Rumble Bonus Predictions:

  • Who is #1/2: Bray Wyatt and Justin Gabriel, who is quickly eliminated as Bray goes on a tear
  • Surprises: I’ll go with the Dudley Boyz and DDP. I personally hope for a surprise appearance by The Sandman just so we get a sweet entrance.
  • Most Eliminated: Bray Wyatt, who goes on a tear early
  • Most Time In Rumble: Dean Ambrose, who comes out in the late single digits and is there for the Final 4

David Spain – In line with my earlier prediction regarding whose waist the title will be adorning, I think we’re shaping up to see Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar in the MANLIEST MATCH EVAH. I’d personally prefer Bryan, but I can’t help but predict that Reigns is going all the way this year.
Rumble Winner (and the guy who has to point at a freaking sign for the next few months): Roman Reigns
Rumble Bonus Predictions:

  • Who is #1/2: Team Hell No – I think that, after the honest-to-God hatred from last year, they’re going to put Bryan out as Number One. Partially because I think the WWE might actually be a little paranoid that booing the whole Rumble might become the new thing, but mainly because they’ll regard this as some kind of genius passive-aggressive move on their parts. Number Two should be someone who kicks up the tension with the Number One entrant, so I guess Kane.
  • Surprises: Dudley Boyz, Kevin Nash, Randy Orton – Remember when this was easy: we just had to say ‘Goldust’? I don’t, because I haven’t been writing for this site all that long. Welp, I’ve heard rumours about the Dudley Boyz, which would rock out loud, and beyond that…hell, maybe Kevin Nash again? And…oh yeah, Randy Orton. Seriously, where is he?
  • Most Eliminated: Roman Reigns – Doubt we’re looking at any kind of record this year, but I can’t see anyone throwing more guys out than Reigns. Not in an amazingly noticeable way, but just so when we looked back to check, we’d not be surprised. Unless Big Show makes good on his threat to, I believe, knock out and throw out every single other participant in the Rumble. Which, you know, I would actually be massively on board with.
  • Most Time In Rumble: Guy Who Michael Cole Keeps Timing: Dolph Ziggler – I was going to post that this is impossible to guess, and then I immediately guessed first Daniel Bryan and then Dolph Ziggler. And, seeing as how Bryan is already one of my guesses, I guess I’ll say Ziggler: it would fit his character very well, if nothing else.

Brittney Soban: – Ryback and Luke Harper (or perhaps Ziggler and Kane) will start off the match. Someone from Team Cena will be one of the first entrants. Aside from the usual insanity that comes from the Royal Rumble i.e. Kofi Kingston staying in via some crazy athletics, and tag team partners (Goldust&Stardust, Miz & Mizdow) working together I think this Rumble will be a clear cut brawl with a few people being eliminated quickly. I think this is where we’ll see the split of Miz & Mizdow. If I’m correct in guessing their loss earlier in the night, Miz will be blaming Mizdow who seems to be cracking under the pressure and the attitude of the Miz. This should lead to a situation where Miz demands Mizdow eliminate himself which Mizdow refuses, leading to them both going over in a double elimination. Orton will return and RKO everyone in sight before being Superman Punched by Roman Reigns or being taken out quickly by someone from the Authority. Another moment like what we saw on Smackdown (fan favorites facing off) will likely come up. Hopefully we’ll see a few fun moments with Dean Ambrose being crazy, a decent power match between Kane and Big Show and a good fight from Daniel Bryan before it’s all over.
Rumble Winner: Roman Reigns
Rumble Bonus Predictions:

  • Who is #1/2: Ryback & Luke Harper (someone from Team Cena has to be punished, a good way to do this is to make them in the #1 spot and give them, basically, 0% chance to win.)
  • Surprises: Chris Jericho, Randy Orton, Sheamus The Dudley’s. Each of these stars are being talked about more and more lately and I think there is a good chance Orton will make his return in the Rumble and Jericho could show up and liven things up before being eliminated. Sheamus is due back from injury any day now. However, The Dudley’s are a distant dream but crazier things have happened…
  • Most Eliminated: Kane (his record needs to come back into play, he needs to make an impact again before he becomes written off as non-threatening due to his corporate alignment and the fear he’s shown in the last few weeks i.e. borrowing J&J Security)
  • Most Time In Rumble: Dolph Ziggler, his history of lasting longer in impossible situations shows he is likely to last the longest.

Pat Metalhead – Like Joel Leonard noted in his column, this Royal Rumble is pretty open, the obvious choices are Reings and Bryan of course but plenty of room for surprises and, hopefully set-ups for future feuds (if the creative team can be bothered to get off their asses and actually do what they’re paid for). Cesaro might also get some revenge here with a strong showing, but ok, that’s probably wishful thinking. Also Kane shows up with his « I mean business » mask on.
Rumble Winner: Daniel Bryan because he’s awesome and I really want Bryan/Rollins for WM.
Rumble Bonus Predictions:

  • Who is #1/2: Ziggler/Kane
  • Surprises: RVD/APA/Orton
  • Most Eliminated: Roman Reigns
  • Most Time In Rumble: Daniel Bryan

Brian Mitarotondo – PS: Dean Ambrose eliminates Daniel Bryan and turns heel, setting up DB v Dean at Mania.
Winner: Roman Reigns
Rumble Bonus Predictions:

  • Who is #1/2: Daniel Bryan/Kane
  • Surprises: Mild-Sheamus & Orton, Somewhat-RVD, Big-The Dudley Boyz(not a huge surprise for Pulse readers thanks to Harrak)
  • Most Eliminated: Roman Reigns
  • Most Time In Rumble: Daniel Bryan

Rob Howell – I feel like this rumble will either be amazing, or a bit of a letdown, so really the two extreme we always expect from professional wrestling. Luckily the show is in Philly which give a lot of good chances for surprise entrants, and a crowd that will really attempt to keep the show accountable, similar to last year. I do feel that people will go home unhappy though, as I predicted Brock won’t be leaving with the belt, and I’m going to keep with that idea, with Bryan still getting to face Brock at Mania, but not for the title.
Rumble Winner: Roman Reigns
Rumble Bonus Predictions:

  • Who is #1/2: Dean Ambrose/ Bray Wyatt
  • Surprises: The Dudleys returning, RVD, the dust brother break up
  • Most Eliminated: Roman Reigns, but Kane will eliminate enough opponents to break the all-time eliminations record
  • Most Time In Rumble: Daniel Bryan

Jared Doucet – It’s been set in stone since last year’s Rumble.
Rumble Winner: Roman Reigns
Rumble Bonus Predictions:

  • Who is #1/2: Daniel Bryan and Bray Wyatt
  • Surprises: The Dudleyz and DDP are already confirmed, they already used Hall and Jake the Snake so I will say RIC FLAIR enters the Rumble as a surprise.
  • Most Eliminated: Roman Reigns (again)
  • Most Time In Rumble: Daniel Bryan

Murtz Jaffer – While the Rumble always seems to deliver, this year is particularly intriguing because I am genuinely not sure if it is going to be Roman Reigns or Daniel Bryan. While the popular opinion seems to be that Reigns will take it as he is the WWE’s chosen one, we haven’t really seen a lot of Daniel Bryan and I think the McMahon’s are smart enough to realize that they need to still use how over he is, before he loses it completely. I also like the idea of a Wrestlemania poster that sees Daniel Bryan looking up to a towering Brock Lesnar (as that also reminds me of the iconic Hogan/Andre poster). For that reason, I like Bryan’s chances here. The real question for me is if Reigns doesn’t win, who will be the one responsible for his exit. I am hoping it is Bray Wyatt as that is another match that I would like to see. What I am thinking is that Reigns will eliminate Wyatt and then when it gets down to Bryan/Reigns at the end, Wyatt will cost Reigns the win.
Rumble Winner: Daniel Bryan
Rumble Bonus Predictions:

  • Who is #1/2: Daniel Bryan and Bray Wyatt
  • Surprises: Sheamus, Dudley Boyz, DDP, Undertaker
  • Most Eliminated: Cesaro (if he enters). Otherwise Wyatt.
  • Most Time In Rumble: Daniel Bryan

Widro – All indications are that Daniel Bryan is going to win. I’m fighting against my instincts to go with Roman Reigns anyway, because that’s how WWE operates, but why bring back Bryan and then have him lose? The crowd will turn on the match. So I’ll go with Bryan.
Rumble Winner: Daniel Bryan
Rumble Bonus Predictions:

  • Who is #1/2: Daniel Bryan and Kane
  • Surprises: – The Rock, Randy Orton, Devon Dudley, Bubba Ray Dudley, RVD, Rey Mysterio
  • Most Eliminated: Roman Reigns
  • Most Time In Rumble: Daniel Bryan


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