Scandal News: Shonda Rhimes Previews Tonight’s All-New Episode, Who Took Olivia?

Scandal finally returns to ABC tonight and Shonda Rhimes has gone on the record about what to expect.

In a recent interview, Shonda revealed that Scandal fans will learn where Olivia has been almost immediately, although her return to Pope & Associates might take awhile.

“It’s definitely not going to be a one-episode, short little thing,” Rhimes told

The executive producer also said that the show would mark a major change in Olivia’s character.

“We’re taking Olivia to a place that she hasn’t been before. “We are growing Olivia in a different direction. And we are growing the show in the direction that we’ve been headed towards for a while.”

Finally, Rhimes said that tonight’s mid-season episode of the hit ABC drama is her favourite episode of the series so far.

“It’s probably my favorite episode that we’ve done, ever. It’s my favorite episode that I’ve written, of anything that I’ve written. But it’s probably our favorite episode that we’ve done ever.”