Throwback Thursday: Favorite Former Couples

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The people we cheered for and we loved to see fight, for and with each other.


With Valentine’s Day just days away I figured it was a chance to look at the softer side of the WWE. Let’s face it, without some of these angles a lot of the great storylines would have never happened. (Please see Undertaker & Sarah/ X-Pac & Tori & Kane for examples about this.)

1. Triple H & Chyna:

Chyna and Triple H

A true power couple, both of them strong and confident even without the other by their side. Chyna didn’t deny her relationship with Triple H but they didn’t flaunt it either. Their support for each other over the years (DX & beyond) made it easy to love this couple until the end of their relationship in 2000. Despite controversy lately around Triple H’s comments about whether or not Chyna will be inducted into the hall of fame it is safe to say this couple was a force to be reckoned with.

2. Eddie Guerrero &Chyna:



“Mamacita!” Practically everyone loved hearing this music hit and the entrance of Eddie Guerrero & Chyna back in the Attitude Era days. Let’s not forget that this pair first met with a level of dislike on-screen, when Eddie, along with the Radicals, kept getting involved in other people’s business, specifically Eddie getting in Chyna’s way. He’d run his mouth about laying some “Latino Heat” on her and, for a while there, Chyna was able to resist his charms. Until, one day, she just couldn’t resist it anymore. Together they helped the other win numerous titles and some high profile matches and even went to prom together as part of a storyline where Eddie received his GED.

3. Kane & Tori:

An underdog love story of a former fan and a masked “freak” as he used to be called, it was sweet seeing Kane care about someone on a supposedly deeper level. However, the relationship was short lived, but let’s not forget how nice it was seeing Kane protect someone rather than rip them apart.

4. X-Pac & Tori:

The anti-thesis of Kane and Tori was X-Pac and Tori. After a falling out between the friends (Kane & X-Pac) Kane’s girlfriend Tori was put in a tough spot, her company for a weekend was on the line. After interference from DX Kane lost and Tori was forced to spend the weekend with X-Pac. On their return from the weekend Tori said X-Pac had been a “gentleman” but soon Tori turned on Kane and ran into the arms of his former friend and tag-team partner.

5. Undertaker & Sara:

Many think it was a mistake to show another side of the Deadman but I, along with many other fans, enjoyed the new angles this more “human” incarnation of the Undertaker brought to the ring, especially as it pertained to the Invasion of WCW/ECW when DDP began to stalk Sara. Adding more reasons to hate the invading companies made it easier to hope Undertaker got his hands on DDP and made us love Sara (especially when she low-blowed DDP or slapped him in the face.)

6. Matt Hardy & Lita:

Lita became a fan favorite as soon as she joined with the Hardy Boys and soon her kayfabe relationship with Matt Hardy was a fan favorite of the programing as well. From the awkward first kiss, to the attempted (and thankfully failed) loved triangle with the brothers and Lita and, finally, the complete destruction of the relationship, Matt Hardy & Lita were a great pair. Sure, Matt protected Lita but the best part was that he didn’t always have to! Who doesn’t love a damsel in distress that can save herself (and her man) from time to time?

7. Test & Stephanie McMahon:

The original love connection for Stephanie McMahon on screen was with Test (Andrew Martin). While it was strictly an on-screen love who could forget the fight between Test & Shane McMahon as they fought over Stephanie, literally? The match rules were simple, if Shane won then the relationship between Test and Stephanie was over but if Test won, quite simply, Shane and everyone else in the family had to butt out of Stephanie’s relationship. Test won the match, and even though it was all a storyline, it was nice to see someone fight for their relationship as hard as Test did.

8. Tajiri & Torrie Wilson:

An odd pair to say the least. It came at the start of the Invasion and ended fairly quickly resulting in Torrie Wilson defecting to the WWE to be with Tajiri and feud with former friend/sometimes tag partner Stacy Keibler. When it first start fans cheered for the lucky man but soon booed him, especially when he began forcing Torrie to wear geisha clothing to the ring. Perhaps, for many fans, the best part of the relationship, was the end when Torrie Wilson stood on the announcer’s table and stripped down, taunting Tajiri and causing him to lose a match in the process.

9. Spike Dudley & Molly Holly:

The WWE’s version of star-crossed lovers was Molly Holly and Spike Dudley who came from feuding families. However, they were a cute and sweet couple, a light-hearted segment during most of the more intense matches and rivalries going on at the time. However, when The Hurricane kidnapped Molly Holly, who suffered from a head injury, and turned her into Mighty Molly the relationship was over and another comedic pair was born.

10. Jeff Hardy & Trish Stratus:

This relationship was short-lived, at best, but the fan reaction was undeniable. Hardy saved Stratus from Steven Richard and Victoria. In thanks, Trish planted a quick kiss on his lips for his trouble. Essentially, fans lost it. After that, anytime the Rainbow Haired Warrior and the Blonde Bombshell were on the screen together people were waiting for something to happen. Even though nothing did, all the fan videos for this couple on YouTube say that people still remember this fleeting romance.

Honorable Mention:

Test & Stacy Keibler:

Image result for test wwe 

In October of 2002 this pair became an item under the guise of a relationship and with Stacy serving as an image consultant and manager for Test. After cutting his hair and changing his look a bit Stacy names Test’s fans “Testicles”, an ongoing joke amongst viewers, and soon Stacy was not only managing Test but Scott Steiner as well. The on-screen relationship was short lived but a was still a good source of comedy and amusement for the fans.


If you’re wondering why Triple H & Stephanie McMahon weren’t included on the list the answer is simple, they are still a couple. Former couple’s only this time.

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