Throwback Thursday: The “Return” of Bubba Ray Dudley


After his successful (although brief) return to a WWE ring on Sunday’s Royal Rumble, Bubba Ray Dudley is an even bigger name being tossed around. While his future is currently uncertain everyone is waiting to see what will happen.

In light of his return to the ring we are going to take a look back at some of Bubba Ray Dudley’s top moments in wrestling.

  1.  TLC Match, Summerslam 2000 -The Dudley Boyz v. Edge & Christian v. The Hardy Boyz
    This match was the first triple threat tag team Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match for the Tag Team Championship between the team of the Hardy Boyz (Matt and Jeff Hardy), Edge and Christian, and the Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray and D-Von Dudley). To say this match was a success would be an understatement. These three teams, essentially, stole the show!
    When the Dudley Boyz put Christian through a table and then, with Bubba avoiding a Swanton Bomb (courtesy of Jeff Hardy) through another table it looked like the Dudleyz had the match well in hand. However, between Bubba himself being knocked off a ladder, Matt Hardy going through a few tables and D-Von falling from yet another ladder, Edge and Christian won the match.
    Despite the loss by the Dudleyz there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that without them in this match it would not have been nearly as great.
  2.  Heel Turn- Joining the Alliance, 2001 – When Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley & Shane McMahon formed the Alliance, a mix of former WCW & ECW stars, in an effort to take down the WWF and put Vince McMahon out of business the Dudleyz were, of course, involved. On the July 9, 2001 Raw episode, ECW & WCW members turned on WWF, among them the Dudley Boyz, who attacked their former Raw brethren and joined up with the Alliance.
    When it came time for Survivor Series that year the Dudley Boyz won the Tag Team Titles match, unifying their WCW titles and the Hardy Boyz WWF. With their win, despite having joined the Alliance, the Dudley Boyz were able to keep their jobs in the WWF after Team WWF put Team Alliance down and out of business.
  3. Brand Split, May 2002- When the brand split took place the Dudley Boyz were split, with Bubba sent to Raw and D-Von sent to Smackdown. While D-Von’s new spin didn’t quite work out on Smackdown Bubba Ray was successful on Raw, going after the WWE Hardcore Championship, forming a tag team with his “other brother” Spike and even getting a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship which was held by Triple H.
  4.  The Dudley Boyz reunion, Survivor Series, 2002
    Elimination Tables Match, Bubba Ray Dudley, Spike Dudley & Jeff Hardy v. 3-Minute Warning
    Spike was eliminated first as Rosey and Jamal performed a Double Flapjack on him through the table with Rosey eliminated shortly thereafter by Jeff Hardy with a Swanton Bomb.  Hardy was soon eliminated from the match when Jamal splashed him off the top rope. At this point it was down to Jamal and Rico against Bubba Ray. As Bubba Ray fought for his team, he eliminated Jamal after performing a Top-Rope Powerbomb. Then, D-Von Dudley ran out the help his “brother” out, performing a 3-D on Rico for the win.
  5. TNA Debut, October 1, 2005
    On October 1st Team 3D ran out and helped save the 3Live Kru (Ron Killings, Konnan, and B.G. James) from Planet Jarrett and Team Canada. Team 3D’s first rivalry in TNA was against America’s Most Wanted (Chris Harris and James Storm). At the TNA’s December pay-per-view Turning Point in 2005, Team 3D defeated AMW in a Tables match. Spike Dudley, now known as Bubba Runt, would join the team in April.
    Bubba Ray would go on to have a successful run with Team 3D and as a singles competitor, winning the TNA World Heavyweight Championship title in the process.


Now, with Bubba Ray a free agent, it appears he enjoyed his return to the WWE ring on Sunday. The question now remains, will he return full time? Many interviews point to Bubba Ray being open to the idea of a return but we will see if WWE Corporate picks him up. In my opinion that may be best for business.

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