TNA Impact Wrestling Tapings Results for 02/27/2015 [Spoilers]

Impact Wrestling taped tonight at Manchester Arena as part of their Maximum Impact 7 tour. The building was partitioned across the middle with the upper tier closed.

The first match was taped for Explosion. Mark Andrews beat Dave Mastiffin 6-7 minutes with a shooting star splash. It was fine for what it was.

Impact opened with Matt Hardy and the Wolves beating The Revolution in a six man tag team match in about 10 minutes. Hardy wrestled most of it, Storm broke the tag up and the Wolves came in and attacked him, cleared the whole faction with a double topé and then Hardy hit a twist of fate for the pin.

Kurt Angle came out and called out world champion Bobby Lashley. Angle blames Lashley for doing nothing when he got screwed out of a title match. Lashley said that was Angle’s fight, not his. Angle says tonight when Lashley fights the BDC, Angle will return the favour and do … nothing. Speaking of the BDC, they come out after Angle leaves and Joe says Lashley is the one who sold out. MVP says Lashley has no help tonight and the show will end with him laid out and MVP as the new world champ.

Rockstar Spud and Mr Anderson beat Tyrus and Ethan Carter III in about 8 minutes. EC3 interfered at the end and as Earl Hebner tried to throw him out, Anderson drilled Tyrus with a low blow and a mic check. Spud pinned Tyrus and they celebrated in the ring.

Taryn Terrell came out with the knockouts title and called out Awesome Kong. She instead received Gail Kim, who came out and warned her of the dangers of wanting to fight Kong. Tayrn said she was sure she wanted to, and stayed in the ring. Kong came out, laid Terrell out and held up the belt over her. Well, she can’t say she wasn’t warned!

Robbie E and Angelina Love beat Brooke and Chris Melendez. The best thing about this match was that it ended. Robbie shoved Brooke off the top rope and pinned her. The BroMans all lay on top of her and took a photo with their selfie stick after the match.

Austin Aries came out and threatened to cash in money in the bank tonight after the main event. Samoa Joe came out and Aries called him a lapdog. Joe said he should go in there and bear him up, but Aries pre-empted him and dived out the ring, started a brawl. We get a referee down and a match breaks out. Aries beats Joe with a 450 splash after a failed interference from King, good match. After the match the BDC hit the ring and put Aries through a table.

Aries is checked over by the trainers and eventually the referees have to help him to the back.

Rampage Brown and Noam Dar from British Boot Camp started having a match, but Bram hit the ring and destroyed them both. Bram calls out Magnus. Grado dances out instead to attack Bram, but then he also gets laid out. Bram calls Magnus out again, but he still doesn’t come so Bram leaves.

The main event saw MVP challenge Lashley for the title. This match got crazy near the end, there was a ref bump. Eric Young ran in and attacked Lashley with a chair but got chased off by Bobby Roode, then Gunner brawled to the back with Joe, then King was laid out by Lashley. MVP nearly won it when a second ref ran in, but in the end Drew MacIntyre hit the ring and attacked MVP. Lashley retains by pinfall. Crazy shenanigans. That ends the show.

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Source: Ian Hamilton & PWInsider