TNA Impact Wrestling Tapings Results for 03/13/2015 [Spoilers]


Before the show they had Grado and Mark Andrews (and most likely the rest of the British Bootcamp contestants) in the lobby doing photos and autographs. The ultimate x rig was set up with the tag team titles up, so I guess that’s our opener! Just before show time they also brought out some plunder and stuffed it under the ring.

Crowd I would guess at 5,000 – a lot of the arena was curtained off, and there were a handful of empty seats from what was left. Crowd was loud pretty much all night though!

The Wolves (c) vs DJ-Z and Jesse Godderz vs Manik and Sanada for the tag titles in ultimate x
– Wolves retained in a good opener. A few light “we want Velvet” chants, but nothing major.

Before the next match, they announced that Roode vs Young was a last man standing match, plus a three way knockouts title match between Taryn Terrell, Gail Kim and Awesome Kong.

Last man standing – Eric Young vs Bobby Roode
– good match, with not too much reliance on plunder. Roode won after hitting the Roode Bomb off the apron and through a table on the floor, before beating the count.

Drew Galloway came out for a promo, threatening to take back wrestling. Not many people remember him until he spoke. Out came the BDC, leading to Galloway vs MVP and his Manchester United bodysuit… And chants of “M V Penis”. Match didn’t go long, as Drew went for a double arm ddt, Kenny King and Low Ki hit the ring for the dq. Samoa Joe followed but didn’t take part in the beat down, watching from the aisle. Possible turn (already?) Joe stopped Low Li from kicking Galloway’s head, but instead gave Ki a pipe which was thrown in the general direction of Drew’s head. The BDC held up a bloody Galloway to end the segment…

Magnus vs Bram
– crowd seemed confused as there was no clear face/heel (since both are British), mixture of silence and dueling chants. Mickie James came out during the match (people eventually recognized her) to lend support to Magnus. Does that mean she’s turning on him? If Russo is back, it does! Bram hit a donkey kick low blow for an intentional dq…. Post match, Bram attacks Magnus with a chair as Mickie distracts the referee. Bram gets some cable ties and ties Magnus to the ropes as Mickie comes in to act as a human shield. She slaps Bram, but he gets hold of her and cuts a promo on Magnus, threatening to take away everything he loves…Unless he kisses his boot. Magnus plants his lips on the boot and Bram leaves to boos.

Brooke vs Robbie E
– DJ Z, Angelina Love and Jessie were out with a bucket and stool a la a boxing match. They actually worked a man vs woman match… Lots of interference, Brook won with a jacknife cradle after Jessie missed a dropkick and accidentally hit Robbie E.

Spud vs EC3 – hair vs hair
– Spud led the crowd in singing “God save the Queen” during his intro… Tyrus came out to give Spud a powerbomb on the floor but EC3 only got a two from it. Ken Anderson came out to neutralize Tyrus with a horrible looking Mic Check. Spud was busted open in this. Borash gave EC3 a low blow but Spud only got a two from a stunner. EC3 repeatedly rammed Spud’s bloody head into the mat, only for him to hulk up, but EC3 blocked a shiranui and hit a braced elbow shot for another two, before finally scoring the win with the 1%. Spud’s getting shaved… And after a swerve baby-faced promo, EC3 attacked Spud, put him in the tree of woe and shaved some of his hair off.

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