WWE Monday Night RAW LIVE Results For 2/2/15: Triple H To Make Huge Annoucement

After a cancelled RAW last week, RAW is back to normal tonight. Triple H has promised a ground breaking announcement to start the show. What will it be? Follow along to find out!

Where Is Rusev In All Of This?

The Authority came out and rubbed the Patriots winning the Super Bowl in the face of the people of Denver. HHH said he hopes the NFL can survive the new #CancelTheNFLNetwork movement. Steph said she knew there was outrage at the Royal Rumble, and they can’t let something like that happen. They replayed the Rumble happenings and said that what Reigns and The Rock did was unsportsmanlike. HHH said The Rock had no business getting involved in the Rumble. HHH said that was his own fault. Just like with Sting, he let people comeback and didn’t know they would get involved where they don’t belong. HHH said that problem ends at Fast Lane.

But HHH said that gets us back to the original controversy at the Rumble with Roman Reigns. Steph said Reigns will go down in history as the Rumble winner, but should he face Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania. Roman Reigns came out and said there’s no way they are taking away his Wrestlemania spot. Reigns and HHH stared each other down. Steph said he probably shouldn’t go on to main event Wrestlemania.

Daniel Bryan came out. He told Reigns he had to deal with this the last time. Bryan said the real controversy is that he was stripped of the WWE Title and never got an official rematch. HHH said Bryan failed to meet his contractual obligations. He said if Bryan didn’t throw his name into the Royal Rumble they probably would have given him a Title match. Seth Rollins then came out and they cut to commercial.

Rollins said Brock Lesnar would eat Daniel Bryan alive. He said Bryan getting hurt was no one’s fault but his. Rollins said Reigns winning the Rumble wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for The Rock. Rollins went on before Reigns told him to shut up. HHH said tonight Daniel Bryan will face Seth Rollins, and the winner will face Roman Reigns, and the winner of that match will fight Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania. HHH said Reigns could stop all the booing if he just accepts this. Steph said Reigns can prove to his father that he deserves all of this. Bryan said him and Reigns can tear the house down at Fast Lane. Rollins said if Reigns doesn’t accept it just proves he is afraid of him. Reigns said screw it, it’s been one versus all the whole time.

So Many Shenanigans 

Back from break Roman Reigns vs Big Show started. Reigns hit a clothesline then another off the top rope. Reigns hit a couple splashes in the corner then clotheslined Show over the top. Reigns hit his apron dropkick. J & J Security distracted the ref then Rollins distracted Reigns and Show hit Reigns with a Spear for two. More distractions allowed Rollins to hit Reigns in the back with the MITB briefcase and Show chokeslammed Reigns to pick up the win.

WINNER: Big Show

Backstage The Authority said they weren’t even contractually allowed to strip Reigns of the Title shot. But now they can have Rollins in the main event at Wrestlemania.

Justice For Axel

Curtis Axel came out. He said he was robbed of his shot at winning the Rumble. He said he would’ve won and wants justice. He pointed at the sign and said he wants to fight Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania. Instead of taking Axel even slightly seriously, the commentary team BURIED him. Dean Ambrose came out and tossed Axel over the top and said he was now eliminated. He said when he was at WWE headquarters last week, he saw a wall of photos of past WWE Intercontinental Champions. Ambrose said he would look good on that wall. And two weeks ago he pinned Bad News Barrett. And that means he is next in line for an IC Title shot. Axel attacked Ambrose but Ambrose recovered and hit Dirty Deeds.

The Ascension made quick work of Stardust and Goldust. After the match Stardust yelled at Goldust and told Goldust to get his head into it. Back from break, Goldust confronted Stardust backstage and called him Cody. Stardust slapped him and said to never call him Cody ever again.

I Would Settle For A WWE With A Little Less Cena

John Cena came out. He talked about the Stone Cold Podcast. He said last week they called John Cena the past of the WWE. He talked about how HHH has many stars ready in NXT to take his spot and HHH wants a WWE without John Cena. He replayed him winning two weeks ago and welcomed out Dolph Ziggler, Ryback and Erick Rowan. Steph interrupted. Ziggler called her out and said that doesn’t she get tired of interrupting everyone. She said everyone has been fighting their battles for them but that changed tonight. She made Ziggler/Bray Wyatt, Rowan/Rusev, and Ryback/Luke Harper.

Ryback/Harper started back from break. Ryback hit a suplex followed by a splash off the second rope for two. Ryback hit a clothesline in the corner but Harper bounced right back with a dropkick. Harper sent Ryback to the outside. Ryback tried fighting back in the ring but Harper caught Ryback with a boot to the face. Ryback got out of a headlock and moved out of the way of a Harper charge. Ryback hit a Lou Thesz press followed by a splash for two. Ryback walked into a tilt-a-whirl slam from Harper, but Ryback recovered and tossed Harper to the outside. Harper came back in but ate a spinebuster from Ryback. Ryback went for a Meathook clothesline but Harper caught him with a kick to the face for two. Ryback countered Harper and hit the Meathook and followed it up with Shell Shocked for the win.

WINNER: Ryback

More Good Wrestling???

Cesaro vs Jimmy Uso. Both men exchanged Flair chops and uppercuts early on. Jimmy caught Cesaro with an elbow. Jimmy caught Cesaro with an enziguri and went for a dive over the top but Cesaro moved. Jey distracted Cesaro which allowed Jimmy to hit one this time. Cesaro rolled into the ring then out to the other side. Cesaro dropped Jimmy’s head on the ropes and took control. Jimmy escaped a headlock but missed a splash in the corner. Cesaro did the Swing then applied a half Boston crab. Cesaro pulled Jimmy away from the ropes then hit a stomp. Cesaro hit a pump handle power bomb for two. Jimmy was thrown into the corner and went to the second rope and hit a splash for two. Cesaro blocked a kick and sent Jimmy to the outside. Tyson Kidd went for a kick but the ref stopped him. Cesaro bounced Jimmy’s head off the announce table. Cesaro went to the top but Jimmy caught him with a superkick. Jimmy hit the butt splash. Kidd went for a distraction but Jey stopped him. Cesaro caught Jimmy off the top with an uppercut to pick up the win.

WINNER: Cesaro

Miz and Mizdow were backstage in catering. Someone came up for an autograph, Mizdow’s. Miz said Mizdow was a joke before he met him. Miz called Mizdow ungrateful and a useless talentless prop. Miz fired Mizdow. He said Mizdow will now be his personal assistant.

Erick Rowan said no one ever stood up for him before. So he thanked John Cena for standing up for him. Rowan said tonight he will do Cena a favor when he beats Rusev.

Why Sell Any Moves?

Dolph Ziggler vs Bray Wyatt. Ziggler went on the attack early. Bray came back with an uppercut. Ziggler tried fighting back but Bray knocked him down. Dolph went on the attack again and the ref got Ziggler off Bray, but Bray caught him with a punch. Ziggler escaped a backdrop and hit a dropkick as Bray went to the outside. Ziggler went for a headlock but Bray got to the ropes. Bray hit a right hand then followed it with a back splash. Ziggler escaped a nerve hold and hit a few elbows but Bray again went to the outside. Bray caught Ziggler again with a right hand in the ropes then pulled Ziggler from the ring and hit a suplex on the mat.

Back from break Bray hit an elbow for two. Ziggler caught a charging Bray with an elbow then moved out of the way of another charge. Bray caught Ziggler with a right hand off the second rope. Bray missed a back splash this time. Ziggler hit a clothesline and followed it up with a splash and neckbreaker. Ziggler went off the ropes and Bray caught him with a hard clothesline. Bray went for Sister Abigail but Ziggler escaped and hit a DDT for two. Bray tossed Ziggler away and hit a splash. Ziggler ducked a Bray charge, Bray moved out of the way of a Fameasser but Ziggler hit a kick to the gut for two. Both men exchanged right hands. Ziggler hit the Fameasser, but Bray poped right back up and hit Sister Abigail for the win.

WINNER: Bray Wyatt

Backstage, Seth Rollins and The Authority talked. HHH said unlike Randy Orton, who did nothing but whine and complain at the top, Rollins had a chance to be a true star.

Paige defeated Alicia Fox. After the match Alicia attacked Paige and the Bellas sprayed Paige with black spray paint.

Sin Cara defeated Miz. Mizdow tried a couple things during the match but Miz stopped him. Mizdow finally jumed on the apron and took his sunglasses off. The distraction allowed Sin Cara to roll up Miz for the win.

Bray Wyatt promo. He said is the new face of fear. And that “you,” you used to be the face of fear and you went soft. He said he know “you” is listening, so find him.

Before Erick Rowan vs Rusev started, Rusev attacked Rowan and beat him down. A trailer showing Rusev’s dominance aired. The Russian flag didn’t come down from the top.

More Good Wrestling???

Seth Rollins vs Daniel Bryan. Rollins knocked Bryan down with a shoulder tackle but Bryan came back and started working over the left arm of Rollins. Bryan went for a cross armbreaker but Rollins got to the ropes. Rollins tossed Bryan to the outside. Rollins distracted the ref so J & J Security tossed him into the barricade. Rollins then hit a dive to the outside into commercial.

Rollins hit a neckbreaker back from break. Rollins landed some kicks in the corner then a splash. Bryan started a comeback and landed some kicks but Rollins dropped him face first into the turnbuckle. Rollins tossed Bryan into the opposite corner but Bryan leap frogged Rollins and hit a clothesline. Bryan landed a handful of kicks to the chest. Bryan hit some more kicks in the corner and followed it up with a dropkick. He went for a hurricarrana off the top but Rollins countered into a pin attempt for two. Rollins landed a kick to the gut. Bryan went for the Yes Lock but Rollins escaped. He dropkicked J & J Security off the apron then tossed Rollins to the outside and hit a dive to the outside on all three. Rollins crotched Bryan on the turnbuckle. Bryan returned the favor then hit a backdrop off the top rope.

Bryan went for the running knee but Rollins ducked and hit the turnbuckle powerbomb and superkick but only got two. Rollins took his time with Bryan and allowed Bryan to recover and apply the Yes Lock. Rollins was able to get his feet in the ropes. Big Show helped Rollins out but Reigns came flying down the ramp and hit a Spear on Show. Reigns speared Mercury. Noble tried using the MITB briefcase but the ref stopped him. Reigns hit a Superman Punch on Rollins then Bryan hit the running knee for the win.

WINNER: Daniel Bryan


Wrestling wise this was an excellent show. We got good matches from Bryan/Rollins, Ziggler/Bray, Cesaro/Jimmy Uso and hell even Ryback/Luke Harper was good. This is what we all wanted from RAW when it went to three hours. Storyline wise, I had a few problems with it. The opening promo just set Reigns up for even more failure down the line. Why even give fans false hope with a possible Bryan win? And why shouldn’t Rusev be in for a shot considering he was the last guy to be eliminated. And this was the big announcement that would shake the WWE to its core? And where was John Cena to help out Erick Rowan during the Rusev beatdown? This Fast Lane stuff just seems really out of place. But I really liked the wrestling on the show and for that reason this show gets a 7.

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