Douces Wild: A Quick Thoughts Column


After a very exhausting week and hardly any sleep, I decided to get out a little quick thoughts column and a possibility of where I would like to go with my columns in the future.

Quick thoughts on RAW- HOLY 30 MINUTE RAMBLING PROMO, BATMAN!!! Really, did these guys need 30 minutes to accomplish what could have been done in like…..5 minutes? I haven’t been able to watch RAW yet but I’m not surprised Bryan/Rollins was great…..I’ve seen their ROH work so I know they can deliver the goods.

Quick Thoughts on Bryan/Reigns- Reigns vs Bryan is a very intriguing move by the WWE. There are many different ways they could go with that. I don’t think it’s the WWE giving up on Reigns, more like they are trying to hammer home that Reigns is the only guy who can beat Lesnar and maybe give him a chance to earn some respect along the way. At the very, very least……it’ll be a good match, probably Reigns’ best singles match yet…..and if Daniel Bryan cannot get a great match out of Reigns, THEN we have problems. Still, I’m not making any predictions yet but I will stayed tuned and see where this goes. I am not angry with this decision at all to be quite honest. There are a lot of people who hate this decision as well. There are people out there blaming the “Daniel Bryan fans” and saying that the WWE is sucking up to them by putting “their boy” in the match with Reigns because the fans wouldn’t shut up about DB. Personally, I think that argument is quite childish and that just shows there is no patience anymore for waiting things out. Everybody is so quick to jump to conclusions and get THEIR point out that nobody takes the time to understand the true beauty of this. I have no problems with Reigns/Bryan and I think the WWE is smart enough to know what they are doing. If Reigns beats Bryan, I would seriously be somewhat ok with that (I don’t think Reigns is ready but a victory and a great showing against Bryan would help) and I don’t think this is the WWE giving in to the “smark” fans either. This is one of those “wait and see” things that people need to chill out about.

Quick Thoughts on Cena/Rusev- Wasn’t this supposed to be a WrestleMania match?? I mean, I guess it’s to give the fans a teaser of some kind but don’t you think the WWE are blowing their wad a little too soon? I wonder what the plan is for that, to be honest, because they can’t have Cena beat Rusev if the match is going to Mania so what are they going to do? This match kind of intrigues me as well.

Quick Thoughts on Taker/Wyatt- I…..didn’t really want to see this match. The reason? Taker needs to retire. I don’t want him to become one of those guys who HAS to keep coming back just to make us happy or something…..he owes us nothing. Plus, what’s the point of putting him with Wyatt only for him to beat Wyatt? Both men are coming off big losses at the last Mania so both guys need a win but it’s Wyatt that desperately needs a win, not Taker. Taker has nothing to earn from a victory over Bray Wyatt and I think just putting Wyatt in a match with Taker at Mania doesn’t help Wyatt at all. I’m not saying Wyatt needs to beat Taker but…..what other option is there??? I know the match will be as good as humanely possible, considering Taker’s health and age, but I believe that the WWE should have just gone with Taker/Sting, considering that Taker/Sting would have been a far bigger match and I wouldn’t be complaining about who should win and who should lose.

Quick Thoughts on Austin/Triple H- I haven’t heard too many vulgar things about this podcast (compared to the Vince one) so I’m going to assume that Triple H had a good sit down with Austin and people enjoyed it.

One final note: I’m thinking that on the days of when I need to post a column but, well, I haven’t written one……I’m thinking of doing one of two things: I will either give a Douce’s Quick Thoughts on current events and/or I will review a PPV or show from the past to celebrate the current month. I have a website that I am currently tinkering with to post most of my wrestling reviews on (I’ve done a shit ton of them in my free time) so I will send links and stuff when I get them.

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