THE RAGER! – When Will It Be Fixed? (Roman Reigns, Daniel Bryan, Brock Lesnar)

So it appears most of you severely disliked me playing devil’s advocate last week for the Roman/Lesnar WM31 main event and that’s fine, I knew that stance goes against what about 95% of the Schrodinger’s IWC members believe. Also, did you know you could just make up percentages and people will believe you?

Also, after going through the interview Reigns had with Sam Roberts pre-Rumble, I’m now firmly on the anti-Reigns train for now. The kid needs to be knocked down a few pegs. Although I still stand firm on my stance that it was dumb for people to decide to cancel their network subscription because they didn’t like a match nobody forced them to watch. However, all of that did help create this moment when a redditor wanted someone to upload HHH’s appearance on Stone Cold’s podcast and I’m still laughing from it.

Regardless of your stance on what went down during the Rumble match, what’s done is done and now we get to see WWE try to either throw sugar on the crap sandwich their serving us or throw said sandwich away and start over.

It started this past Monday when HHH added the Raw main event between Daniel Bryan and Seth Rollins, which Daniel Bryan ended up winning to set up the presumed main event at Fast Lane, Daniel Bryan vs Roman Reigns with the winner getting to face Brock at WM31. Obviously this is just the beginning (we think) of WWE trying to atone for the Rumble match but it raised the question in my mind of how far should they go? Like, at what point would you consider that WWE has made it right? Because there’s a chance we still get Brock vs Reigns at WM31 but would the acknowledgement and inclusion of Bryan at Fast Lane be enough to dampen the riotous resolve of his supporters? Or is it Brock or bust? The way I see it, there are 3 possibilities of what will probably happen at Fast Lane.

1.) Reigns beats DB clean and the fans cleanse the entire arena with flame. This obviously is what’s worst for business, obviously.
2.) Shenanigans go down and somebody (Seth Rollins, Big Show, Kane) interferes which leads to a triple threat at WM31 or even a fatal 4-way with the inclusion of Rollins. This would be what’s middle for business, but better if Seth was included.
3.) Seth costs Roman the match, Daniel Bryan goes to face Brock one-on-one and the Seth/Roman feud starts a few months earlier than we all imagined. This would be best for business because DB/Brock would be amazing and Seth has made just about everything look like gold lately and a feud with Roman is ready-made.

So this is where I bring up my question again that a pose to all of you, at what point will you feel like WWE has made up for Royal Rumble? Have they already done so with the inclusion of Daniel Bryan in Fast Lane? Is a triple threat at WM31 good enough or is the only acceptable route for atonement the total exclusion of Roman from the main event?

Moving along, HHH had his interview with Stone Cold following Raw and I was mostly pleased with the things HHH said but a lot of the things he said in regards to the Rumble were clearly damage control. It’s easy to get swept up in his passion for the business and, specifically NXT, and the “the business is in good hands when Vince leaves/dies” comments started circulating once again after the interview. And yes they might be, but he passed the buck quite a few times labeling a lot of things as “a Vince decision.” But a lot of what goes on today IS either because of HHH or at least influenced by him. Yes, Vince gives the final approval for everything but this is something where guarded optimism might be best. However, HHH’s explanation of why NXT is “better” than Raw and Smackdown due to the luxury of being able to play to a more specific demographic made a lot of sense. The reason the Attitude Era was such a success is because WWE found it’s specific demographic and played relentlessly to it whereas now, both shows have to play to just about everybody. It’s the whole casting a wider net to grab more fish but it leaves more of a chance for some fish to get away from you. Again, overall, I enjoyed the interview and it felt a little less tense than the one with Vince but then again, the HHH interview didn’t have the whole CM Punk debacle looming over it.

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