Throwback Thursday: Superstars We Want Back (Mick Foley, Kurt Angle, Undertaker)


A list of past superstars and Divas we would like to see return, even if it’s just for one more match.


  1. Mick Foley
    Let’s face it, whether he’s Mankind, Cactus Jack or Dude Love Mick Foley was always entertaining in the ring. He took a lot of abuse for our entertainment. If we don’t get him back for one more match I just hope he receives the honor he deserves- The Hall of Fame. A “Founding Father” if you will, of the Hardcore Division, Mick Foley never let us down.
  2. Stone Cold Steve Austin
    Another one who gave us his all, Stone Cold Steve Austin represented the “Every-man” watching in the crowd and at home; a blue-collar worker who, unlike the rest of us, could beat up his boss and keep his job. Austin’s foul mouth and beer guzzling ways gave everyone a new outlook and helped begin the Attitude Era.
  3. The Undertaker
    After the recent podcast between Stone Cold Steve Austin and Triple H, a very important point was raised, Mark Calaway became The Undertaker and took on that persona so well that the gimmick was believable every time he came to the ring and the chills down your spine were not imagined. His streak is over but I like to believe he has one more match in him, to allow him to go out and retire off a win.
  4. Hulk Hogan
    He’s a great entertainer and even though we do get to see him host events and do interviews Hulk Hogan’s charisma and drive in the ring is missed. We see Daniel Bryan “Hulk-up” once in a while in the ring but no one does it like the original Hulk Hogan.
  5. Shawn Michaels
    After a successful return after, what everyone though, was the end of his career due to back injury and substance abuse problems Shawn Michaels came back and super-kicked more than a handful of superstars, reminding them, and us, that there is no one like The Heart Break Kid.
  6. Kurt Angle
    We can see him on TNA, where he is currently thriving (and recently re-signed) but I can’t be the only one who misses the Olympic Hero in a WWE ring. Honestly, even though I know he is signed to TNA, whenever Rusev runs his mouth, I secretly hope Angle’s music will hit and that he will take out Rusev.
  7. Steve Blackman
    The Lethal Weapon was an appropriate nickname for this man- his hands and feet were weapons in their own right but his skill with actual weapons- kendo sticks, nunchucks, etc, made this man a real challenger in any match. Tough to keep down and even tougher to get a hit on, his speed is missed.
  8. JBL
    We saw him recently clothesline the Ascension to hell and prove he’s still got the power to take someone down. However, does he still have it in him to put on a great match? I would like to know.
  9. Lance Storm
    Whether you loved him or hated him or thought he was boring, Lance Storm was a great technical wrestler. “If I could be serious for a moment”-no, I really want to be serious for a moment, he was impressive in the ring and a great competitor. The fact that he’s training upcoming wrestlers in Canada gives me some hope for the future, even if I’d like to see him step into the ring once more.
  10. William Regal
    Another great technical wrestler with a mean streak and a great right-hook, who would mess with this guy? Whether he was wrestling or working as a commissioner William Regal was not someone you crossed. I’d love to see him come back and put a few pompous rookies in their place.
  11. The Hardy Boyz
    Between their excellent skills as a tag-team, great solo careers and high-flying, daredevil ways why wouldn’t you want them back? Matt and Jeff both had their ups and downs in the WWE but why should that exclude them from ever returning? I, for one, would love to see them back in the ring, showing off and pushing the envelope in the tag team division again.
  12. The Dudley Boyz
    After Bubba Ray’s successful return at the Royal Rumble which, so far, was just for one night, I’ve been reflecting about past tag-teams from the attitude era we’d like to see back. With Bubba Ray back on WWE programming and the great reception he received, I have to wonder, is D-Von far behind? I hope not!
  13. Too Cool (with Rikishi)
    Whether you thought they were goofy or entertaining Too Cool, featuring Scotty 2 Hotty, Grand Master Sexxay and Rikishi, were a good group to have in the ring. Great matches happened with this group and the dancing at the end always made for laughs. Sometimes I think what WWE is missing is the old comedic relief we’d come to know and love.
  14. Edge & Christian
    As a tag team or individuals these two good-looking athletes from Canada had a way of winning over female fans and putting their male counterparts in their place, pinned in the center of the ring. Innovators of the TLC match and great superstars on their own, they were impressive and we need some of that energy back.
  15. CM Punk
    I almost left him out, and here’s why- Punk left on his own, and left recently. However, I can’t deny that I miss seeing him in the ring and that he was always entertaining. However, if we see him back in a WWE ring it won’t be for a long time.

Honorable Mention: Raven
Another innovator in the Hardcore Division Raven’s style and skill is missed. A tough ECW guy to the core he always put on a great match and had a few good rivalries and a record 27 title reigns as the Hardcore Champion he deserves at least one more match. Or maybe, WWE just needs to bring back the Hardcore division.


  1. Trish Stratus
    Perhaps the most beautiful Diva to ever grace the ring (no offense Bella Twins) Trish Stratus wasn’t just pretty, she was fierce. She started off as a valet and a manager and rose up to win the Women’s Championship, a record 7 times, before retiring.
  2. Lita
    Whether she was with the Hardyz, on her own or with Edge she knew how to rile up the crowd. When she was with Team Xtreme the Hardyz were on the top of their game with her watching their backs (how many moonsaults and Litacaranna’s did she pull of to help her boys?) Her attitude and real daring ways are missed.
  3. Chyna
    What list of divas would be complete without Chyna? She was as tough as the guys but beautiful enough for Playboy, she was everything a diva could be, and more. She was not only a Women’s Champion but an Intercontinental Champion too, a title held by the men in the WWE. She held her own and looked good doing it. The question is, will she ever be in the hall of fame? Triple H was right, she deserves it but it’s a business red-flag given her recent career moves in adult film.
  4. Stacy Keibler
    She came in as part of the WCW/ECW Invasion and pretty much everyone who watched is glad she didn’t leave once the WWE took control back. Her feuds with other divas and her role as a manager for the likes of Test and Scott Steiner made sure she left an impression.
  5. Torrie Wilson
    Another Diva picked up during the WCW/ECW Invasion Torrie Wilson was a fan favorite. Although her feud with Dawn Marie was a bit much for me she grew as an in-ring performer and showed that she wasn’t just a pretty face.
  6. Mickie James
    She started out as a crazed fan and left the company with a good amount of fans of her own. She became Women’s Champion and Diva’s Champion. After a run in TNA, a trip along the independent circuit and a return to TNA she is still showing the world what she can do. I just wish she could do it in the WWE, but for now I’m okay with watching TNA to see her do what she does best.
  7. Molly Holly
    She came in feuding with T&A (battling Trish Stratus) while her on-screen cousins, Hardcore Holly and Crash Holly handled Test and Albert. She later became involved with Spike Dudley in a pseudo Romeo & Juliet vibe before becoming Mighty Molly and working with The Hurricane. Before leaving the company she won the Women’s title, had her head shaved and proved you didn’t have to be blonde to be beautiful.
  8. The Kat
    She started in WWE as an assistant to Debra and a valet before she started to make waves, like taking off her bra on live television and showing off her figure every chance she got. Her ways may have made for some friction that lead to her release (although it could also be said that the storyline was dead in the water) and her then-husband Jerry Lawler left with her. While we have Lawler back, we don’t see The Kat anywhere. I wonder if we’ll ever hear King say “Here kitty, kitty, kitty” ever again.
  9. Sable
    With looks to kill, a winner take all attitude and a Women’s Championship winner Sable could do it all, and did. She wrestled, she stripped and she showed that it didn’t matter who you were, you could take center stage for yourself if you wanted it.
  10. Michelle McCool
    She debuted as a fitness trainer of sorts and left a Diva’s champion. She worked hard in the ring and improved her skills overtime. Perhaps, the most interesting face about this woman is that she was a middle school teacher before joining the WWE and eventually marrying the Deadman himself, The Undertaker. I would love to see how her time away from the television cameras and her time with The Undertaker changes her in-ring style. Wouldn’t you?


Is there anyone else you think should be on the lists? Let me know in the comments, I’d be happy to recap on other wrestling greats from years gone by, just let me know what you want to see!


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