JR Blog: Sting-HHH, WWE Wrestlemania 32, Chael Sonnen or Ronda Rousey WWE Rumors Addressed

Jim Ross had some interesting thoughts in a mid-week blog, here are some highlights:

on Sting-HHH face to face meeting
I’m guessing that the Sting-HHH face to face meeting at the Fast Lane PPV emanating from Memphis later this month will be highlighted by some sort of physicality to better ignite the personal issue between The Stinger and The Cerebral Assassin. Then, I see this rivalry being well built between the Memphis event and WM31. I like this paring and feel that their match at WM31, which seems inevitable, will be significant if it is positioned properly on the card and in the event’s promotion.

on WrestleMania
Every talent in WWE should want to headline a WrestleMania but without sounding like an old turd what are they doing to increase their chances? It’s a long process, usually, to get there so starting NOW for WM32 and beyond is essential. My question is how any talents are truly willing to make the total commitment to make that dream come true. Please don’t email or tweet me that it’s ALL about their PUSH. The PUSH should start with the talent’s turning the heads of the decision makers.

on Chael Sonnen
My friend Chael Sonnen said on TSN’s Off the Record that he was going to meet with WWE officials in the near future. If accurate, Chael is a natural for WWE as he “gets it” and is a fan of the business notwithstanding the fact that he stays in excellent physical condition and is a natural born showman. If Chael were to join WWE, he would become their 2nd best talker behind @HeymanHustle from day one. Sonnen could be utilized in the ring or behind a mic SO easily. I’m anxious to see how this plays out. I’m happy to stay tuned.

on Ronda Rousey
With that said the top attraction from the world of MMA in my opinion is @RondaRousey who’s nothing but box office and has a truck load of charisma and lives with the Four Horsewomen who are all big wrestling fans. It would be so easy to book this attraction while garnering tons of publicity.

Needless to say, the entire MMA/WWE connection is nothing more than speculation at this time but I do know that Ronda Rousey and her Horsewomen would be fun for which to create a WM31 scenario.

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