CB’s Slant: 3 Alternatives for Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania 31 if Roman Reigns Wins at WWE Fastlane and Faces Brock Lesnar

At WrestleMania XXXI, I have a feeling that Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar is going to happen despite the tease of an audible. If Reigns and Lesnar do wind up battling for the WWE World Heavyweight Title on the Grandest Stage of Them All, then where does that leave Daniel Bryan? Below are my own 3 alternatives for Bryan that I would personally endorse if he doesn’t end up in the main event, so let’s get to it!

CB’s Slant: 3 Alternatives for Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania 31

Alternative 1. Call up Kevin Owens: I mentioned this idea in the comments section if this past week’s edition of THE RAGER, and I feel like it’s a good one. At the NXT: Rival special that is airing live on the WWE Network this Wednesday 2/11/15, Kevin Owens is wrestling Sami Zayn for the NXT Championship. Owens was fast-tracked to the top due to his ingenuity as well as his vicious attack on Zayn after Sami finally beat Adrian Neville for the title, which caused Zayn to force William Regal’s hand and give Owens a title match.

At NXT: Rival, I would have Kevin Owens win the NXT Championship, and then at WWE Fastlane, Owens should shock everyone and cost Daniel Bryan his match against Roman Reigns. The idea here would be that Kevin Owens is a Triple H guy, and even though he is still down in NXT, he wanted to fast-track his way to the top in WWE by costing Bryan at Fastlane. The Authority can anoint Owens as “Plan C” and of course this won’t sit well with Daniel Bryan. At WrestleMania, Bryan will face Owens, and if Bryan wins, he gets his title shot against the winner of Reigns-Lesnar. If Bryan loses, he no longer gets a guaranteed rematch and has to earn everything all over again.

Daniel Bryan can then win the match at WrestleMania, perhaps with help from Sami Zayn in a nice NXT crossover moment, and then go on to face the winner of Reigns-Lesnar at Extreme Rules.

I like this idea because it would give NXT a huge spotlight at Mania and also truly elevate Kevin Owens as the casual fan gets more acquainted with him. And with the stipulation that Bryan would get the next WWE Title shot if he won, it could potentially give WWE a way for Reigns to not get booed out of the stadium after he beats Lesnar.

Alternative 2. Keep the Seth Rollins feud going through WrestleMania: There is no doubt that the chemistry between Seth Rollins and Daniel Bryan is absolutely incredible in the ring, as evidenced by their show-stealing match on Raw last Monday. I would have no problem with Bryan vs. Rollins being extended through WrestleMania, perhaps with the stipulation being that as per the WWE Board of Directors, since Rollins was awarded a title match before Bryan got his rematch, the Money In The Bank Briefcase would be on the line in a Ladder Match. The other stipulation could be that the winner has to automatically cash in at Extreme Rules and face the winner of Reigns-Lesnar. If Bryan wins, Rollins can say Bryan robbed him of his future, and if Rollins wins, he can continue to be the “You Sold Out” dream-crusher with Bryan chasing Rollins after Mania.

Alternative 3. Anyone but Sheamus!* Seriously, whether it’s Dolph Ziggler or some other fresh opponent for Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania, the last thing I want to see is Bryan face Sheamus again. To me, that would be a HUGE step back for Bryan, and I don’t really want WWE to revisit that feud.

*No Kane either, please!

So, what do YOU think of these alternatives for Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania 31? Sound off in the Comments section below!

That’s all from me — CB.

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