Lucha Underground Results & Comments 02/04/2015


Hello guys back for another Lucha underground Review!!

Some super funky Liberace music to start off the show!!! The stand up bass line is super rad!!
Anyway Son of Havoc and his rather decent looking girlfriend Ivelisse start off the show standing in the middle of the ring! Ivelisse then grabs the mic and cuts a promo on her man Son of Havoc, she claims he is not a sucker and that she wouldn’t be with him if he wasn’t a threat to the whole roster. Apparently social media has said Son of Havoc sucks and Ivelisse, the Baddest Bitch in the building has not taken kindly to it. You mess with her man you mess with her! After the mic oddly cuts her off, Angelico is on his way to the ring, he is put over as the South African Lucha of the company and that his international experience will serve him well!

Son of Havoc VS Angelico

The crowd is really split on son of havoc, it seems like they were planning on him being the heel but the crowd has taken to him. Angelico is the one to get things going early with a huge knee to Havoc’s face in the corner, he continues to have control until Ivelisse gets involved with a tug on the boot. Havoc is so over it forces commentary to put him over, and even though he is heeling out it turns out he is the crowd favorite. As Havoc continues to distract the ref and use his manager the crowd is still behind him and the match has turned into Havoc needing the win more then Angelico. I have to say he is heeling out as the face here and I am not sure they were prepared for this! The best spot in the match comes from Havoc doing a back flip off the top rope but ends up landing on his feet amazingly, the fans were definitely clambering for him to hit that but Angelico was able to get out of the way. The finish comes when Angelico kicks out of a roll up that sends havoc into his girlfriend Ivelisse, that distraction was enough for Angelico to roll up Havoc for the 1.. 2..3. Following the loss Havoc tries to explain what happened to his fallen girlfriend and she is clearly not having it. She pushes him out of the way leaving the temple by herself.

Winner = Angelico via roll up.

First I would like to say I was excited to see son of havoc and clearly I wasn’t the only one. I like his work a lot and I feel he has done some good stuff in the ring, so giving him a new route to go in was something I was looking forward to in the future. However being honest I have to say this was the Sloppiest match I have seen on Lucha Underground to date and I am sad to say so with Havoc being involved in this. I think the fans cheering for him messed up the story they were trying to tell and Angelico did not help by adding some over selling and botched spots. Angelico gets countered forcing him to eat a nice kick from Havoc, but he botched the roll out of the ring and had to recover before clearly sending himself out. Even Vampiro said “come on Man” which he obviously tried to cover up afterwards realizing the call displayed he reacted to the botch! The ending was OK but after the awkward and unappealing pace of this match It ruined the execution of the finish and i didn’t really get to excited about it, I do expect to see better things from Havoc in the future though.

Next we transition into a scene with Dario Cueto in his office, It seems as though he and Jonny Mundo are burying the hatchet and trying to let their past beef stay in the past. Cueto feels since Mundo is at main event status he should take on CAGE tonight. Mundo responses with a nice pun on Cage, telling cueto to replace the title he destroyed last week. Its pretty clear Mundo is going after the gold.

Striker Introduces us to Famous B who is ready for action in the ring, Next comes one of my new Favorites Pantagon JR. During his entrance they play a nice vignette displaying his history. He is clearly a martial artist and he displays this by beating up a bunch of attackers B movie style, as he speaks in his native tongue. Subtitles roll as he beats down everyone and he tells us he has ZERO FEAR.

Famous B VS Pentagon JR.

Pentagon Is over right away, the crowd really picked up on this ZERO FEAR already and begin to chant right away. Pentagon starts brawling right away with hard stiff chops that echo in the arena. Famous B gets a quick stint showing off his Lucha style landing a nice arm drag, but it doesn’t last long as Pentagon smacks him with a kick out of no where. After the kick Pantagon goes into a running package pile driver dropping B right on his head (possibly for real) and floating over into a modified arm bar. With his knees on top of the downed Famous B he is able to sit upright putting pressure on the arm, the ref frantically tries to get him to break the hold after B taps but Pentagon pushes him away. Holding his position baiting the crowd Pentagon then falls back seemingly snapping Famous B’s arm after the match was over. B flops and rolls around like a gagging fish wallowing in pain selling this pretty well. This was awesome and the fans ate this up, after wards he cut a promo saying he is ready for his next and then puts over his master we have not seen yet. We are all left wondering what he means as he leaves the temple.
Winner = Pentagon JR, squash match!

After commercials Dario Cueto is seen talking to someone off camera. He has his key with him around his neck and he is telling someone about the women who attacked him last week. He tells the unknown person she came looking for him but Cueto kept his mouth shut, and is now focused on protecting his temple from her. We never see who is talking too and Cueto leaves the room as a shadow of a figure comes into focus!!!

Back in the temple now it is Drago in the ring sticking out his long black tongue for the fans. His opponent tonight is Aerostar who is sporting some nice white gear and as he heads down to the ring he is shown giving high fives the whole way down.


On to the 3rd match of the night, this one started off pretty even, both wrestlers hitting some nice moves and showing off some skills! Aerostar got a big dive spot on Drago early on the outside! It was a cool move and he set it up pretty nicely. Things are progressing pretty well the story being both wrestler have a lot of respect for each other. Drago answers back with wicked corkscrew dive to the outside and that easily became my spot of the night. They continue going back and forth but Drago eventually overcomes by using a block buster into a DDT. The finishing move was sick but I am a little disappointed at how it was executed, I wish he would have set the move up a little better. After the match Drago attends to Aerostar by showing massive respect, and they both raise each other hands once the match was over!

Winner = Drago VIA block buster DDT.

Backstage now we see Fenix getting down on the punching bag showing off some skills. Catrina comes into frame out of no where and starts taunting Fenix like she normally does with other Lucha’s. This time ends up being different because she plants a kiss on Fenix and tells him that it’s from her not Mil Muertes, and that he should keep it between them or Muertes will bury them both. After this exchange she again slides off camera from which she came.

On to the main event folks, Mundo is in the ring doing his Morrison gimmick pose, and we are ready for Cage to enter. Cage comes out and this made the entire show for me, he is carrying the broken title and all I could do was laugh. I loved this touch and with him rocking the broken title like he is the champ I heel marked for it, it’s just great stuff at play here.

Johnny Mundo VS CAGE
Pero chants start right away against Cage, commentary continues to put cage over as the antithesis of what Lucha really is, and they remind us how he destroyed the title and Conan before our eyes. Mundo gets some nice strikes in early using his speed and gets Cage on the outside, he tries to take advantage by spring boarding on him but Cage catches him and rams him into the ring post flipping momentum. Cage is working for his heat tonight and he is getting boo’s from the crowd. As the match continues we see King Cuerno in the corner showing special interest in this match. It looks like he is stalking some future pray here which works really well with his gimmick and character. After a failed moonsault by Cage, Mundo is back on the attack mixing it up with some nice strikes and reversals, he eventually gets caught though and takes a nice sit out Alabama slam from cage ending another flurry form the face Mundo. Cage continues with his beat down until Mundo catches him with a disaster kick. He also cuts off cage trying to counter him by hitting a nice dive on him on the outside, It looks as though Mundo is in full control but King Cuerno starts making his way closer to ring stalking. I don’t think Mundo is aware he has a predator on his heels because he is fully focused on Cage. As Mundo tries to drag Cage in the ring Cuerno attacks Mundo on the apron and puts the boots to him on the outside. He then re slams him on the apron edge and drives he legs into the ring post. After taunting the crowd Cuerno takes out a chair and gives a shot to Mundo while his leg is wrapped around the ring post. Mundo does’t sell it very well but shows pain as Cage starts leaving the arena allowing Cuerno to vast in his accomplishment. Just when you think its all over Dario Cueto comes out and says since he and Mundo are friends again, he wants his 5 star match expectation to continue and that this finish will not do it justice. He restarts the match and the crowd cheers, Mundo is suppose to be hurt but he is not selling the chair shot as deep as he should. The match continues and Cage attacks the leg as expected and continues to circle an injured Mundo like a shark and ends up putting on an awesome submission. Mundo gets to the ropes and breaks the hold continuing to hold off the machine. The story now is Mundo keeps kicking out, he survives an F5 and a slew of power moves and continues to hang in there. Finally after a discus clothesline and a modified sister Abigail he gets the 3 count on Mundo leaving him destroyed in the middle of the ring!

Winner = Cage Via pin fall.

After his win Cage picks up the broken pieces of the belt and heads out of the arena, as commentary starts signing off you think the show is over until it cuts to Dario Cueto’s office. He is on the phone as we hear pounds on his door, He tires to tell whoever it is that the show is over to go away but in walks ALBERTO DEL RIO, or ALBERTO EL PETRON now. He does his wink and smile and I marked out, I have always been a Del Rio fan and this was the perfect way to intro his new character and end off the show.

Tonight was a bit sloppy to be honest but Del Rio making his first appearance made it all worth it, plus seeing cage with the broken title made the show for me seriously. I am not the biggest Cage fan but I like how they are booking him and the heels are looking really strong on this show and I dig it. I will be watching very closely next week to see what happens with Del rio and they also left a nice trail of bread crumbs for other story lines brewing up! Its shaping up to be a good next for shows! Hope you guys liked the review and I will have another one next week! Cheers

– Griainbelt


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