Arrow News: Show Boss Discusses Oliver Queen’s Adjustment To New Team Arrow, Bad News For Olicity Fans

Wednesday’s episode of Arrow promises to be a game-changer.

TVLine recently caught up with showrunner Marc Guggenheim to get an idea of where things will go from here.

On Oliver’s return and the new dynamic within Team Arrow…
It’s very much a sticking point. One big piece of Episode 13 is Laurel and all the things that she’s been struggling with — Sara’s death, lying to Quentin, Oliver’s disapproval of her being Black Canary. Meanwhile, you’ve got Oliver who has returned to Starling City and Team Arrow to discover that they have really moved on without him. Left BehindSo, things are not going to be as simple as, ‘OK, guys I’m back! Everyone start listening to me again.’ He’s going to struggle with a brand-new team dynamic, one that is a lot more democratic than he is used to.

On the third act of the season, following Sara’s death and Oliver’s confrontation with Ra’s al Ghul…
“The season is more demarcated in fourths, as opposed to the traditional three-act structure. Certainly Episodes 10, 11 and 12 were their own”mini-act,” with Team Arrow moving on in the wake of Oliver’s apparent death. Episode 13 kicks off the next piece of our story, and things get a really crazy from here on out. Episodes 13, 14 and 15 are probably the next “book” or movement in the story, 15 ends with a game-changing twist, and from 16 to 23 it’s just one crazy run up to the finish line. [Laughs] I’m really excited about where we’re going mainly because, as I tweeted out, when all is said and done with Season 3, stabbing Oliver through the chest and kicking him off a cliff will end up being the least crazy thing we do all year. I encourage people to watch the whole season and then confirm whether or not I’m telling the truth.”

On whether Felicity will remain with Team Arrow, now that she has kiboshed any potential romance with Oliver…
“She’s still with the team. She’s not going anywhere, but she’s made it very clear that a romance with Oliver is off the table. We very much want to explore what it looks like with Felicity still working with Oliver but post the events of Episodes 10, 11 and 12, where she has not only moved on romantically,Arrow Preview Oliver Laurel Felicity but, along with Diggle and Roy, has developed a bit more ownership and more agency in the “lair,” as it were. It’s going to be interesting to see what happens if Oliver decides to call the shots and expects everyone to just fall in line the way they used to.”

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