Tuesday Raw Roundtable: Roman Reigns/Daniel Bryan Muddled Booking Heading Into Fast Lane

The latest Monday Night Raw is in the books!

What did the Pulse Wrestling crew think of the event?

Brian Mitarotondo

For me, this was a completely skipable show. Nothing happened that needed to be seen. Very predictable build for the major Fast Lane programs. Rusev and Cena finally getting physial was good to see. The Reigns and Bryan tension build up was good, but predictable. I’m sure everyone else agrees that this was a wasted appearance for Brock. Why on earth would you bring him in if he is not going to get physical? Wyatt and Ziggler is good, but Ithink that has reached its limit. Wyatt needs a new opponent to look strong against, and Ziggler needs a win against anyone at this point. l like the slow builds to Miz v Mizdow and Gold v Star. The Usos v Kidd/Cesaro is always entertaining. I also liked the Sting response, but there was no drama in that at all. What was he going to say, no?


First thing is first. Why are they cutting into a match this week with a Replay from last week? What even logic is that?

Second, I love me some Heyman. As I said on Twitter, I could listen to him insult my family tree and still be in rapt attention. But if Lesnar’s time is so important, why do you bring him out on a Raw where he does absolutely nothing? If he is in an arena, someone needs F5’d at the very least. Have him come out at the end of that last match, even after Roman lays out Bryan and have him destroy them both quickly with Heyman holding up the title in the background. But no. Roman has to look Stronk.

The Rusev-Cena confrontation was actually sort of pleasant to watch. It wasn’t your normal USA heavy hero ready to fight the evil Russian. Rusev getting the best of Cena here makes me happy. But I don’t expect my happiness to last long. More like a no-contest at Fastlane and Cena over at Wrestlemania.

Sting was publicized the exact way that he should be. No promo from him, keep the mystery up and for god’s sake, keep a mic away from him until completely necessary.

Wyatt-Ziggler was good, Rollins-Ryback was inoffensive, Usos-Cesaro/Kidd was extremely nice and I think I spotted Axel somewhere in those three hours.

Now, if I ever see that spear again, it will be too soon.

Brittney Soban

My over all feeling was being tired of the predictability. How many times can you have a “surprise” match starting “right now”?

It was nice seeing Cena and Rusev going at it, even if it was brief, set up Cena to play the underdog and to be the one (predictably) to beat Rusev. I’m all for Cena taking a back seat and going to the US championship but I’m tired of the obvious planning. Wyatt/Ziggler was good, a nice pace for the middle of the show. Dean Ambrose beating up Curtis Axel is ok, but Barrett hiding is getting annoying. Usos and Cesaro/Kidd was nice, glad to see Rikishi in the hall of fame.

Lesnar was useless since he did nothing except let Heyman talk. The main event, in which Ziggler, Rowan and Ryback came out was ok, a nice break from the 5 on 2 bull crap, until the end when, (again it was obvious) Reigns and Daniel Bryan would fight and argue and Reigns, instead of looking strong, walked away gaining no momentum for Wrestlemania and making fans want Bryan to win more at Fastlane.


Two words: Placeholder Raw

Justin Czerwonka (@JCWonka)

That was a very ho hum show. There was a wasted Brock Lesnar appearance. No real good wrestling on the show. Multiple wrestlers were used multiple times, which killed the pops for some of them later on in the show. This was a show that was killed by the three hour format. Cena and Rusev had a good brawl that helped expand their feud. Cesaro/Tyson Kidd and The Usos had a fun little match. But this seemed like a show that you could have easily skipped/missed and feel like you didn’t miss out on anything. They need to get to Bray Wyatt/Undertaker quickly because these promos are getting redundant and uninteresting. I was bored quite easily by this show. It seems obvious the crowd is going to side with Bryan at Fast Lane. I’m giving the show a 3. As I said, very little in terms of development and new stories.

Pat Metalhead

okeeeeeee, it’s 13 minutes before noon ( for you guys) and I still have to start watching, so something tells me I’m not gonna make it, lol. Then again, judging by the comments, I wonder if I really wanna watch this one… Ah well there is always NXT tomorrow, hehehe.

Widro (@Widro)

It’s difficult to describe just how much I don’t like watching Raw these days. The whole show is a slog where nothing sticks and everything seems to take forever. It continues to upset me when things like Bray Wyatt vs Dolph Ziggler are put out there in a singles match that could be a PPV feud but instead is a throwaway TV match.

For all we hear about their rules for the roster, they are using guys in double and triple segments and completely wearing them out.

Just keep in mind that they WANT to push Roman Reigns and are trying their best. This is their best. Just awful.

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