Arrow Spoilers: Update On Oliver/Laurel/Felicity Triangle, Are Oliver & Laurel ‘Soulmates?’

While it appears most Arrow fans are still rooting for an Oliver/Felicity pairing, at least one person on the show still believes in Oliver/Laurel.

In our latest interview with Katie Cassidy, the actress discussed the women in Oliver’s life and where she sees things headed. She also discussed whether we would see a new love interest for Laurel.

MJ: You know Katie, many fans of the show have been pushing to see the romance between Oliver and Felicity develop. When we chatted a couple of years ago, you said that you believed Laurel was Oliver’s first and hopefully last love. Do you still feel that way?

KC: Absolutely! I think people go through different things in life, different phases, and timing is everything and right now romantically Laurel is not thinking romantically, I don’t think. She is focused on something else and Oliver and Felicity have a connection but, at the end of the day, I do think that they [Laurel and Oliver] are soulmates. I always will think that even if Oliver is involved with Felicity or not. Needless to say, just because it’s your soulmate, that doesn’t mean you end up with them. Sometimes soulmates just remain best friends. It’s funny because obviously I am on the show and read the scripts, but I’ll also watch the episodes and yesterday (I don’t know if you saw it) but I hashtagged on my Twitter “#Olicity” because everybody loves the Oliver/Felicity/Laurel triangle that is going on. And with the writing, they [Oliver and Felicity] have good chemistry but I think at some point maybe far later down the line we may explore that… getting back into Laurel and Oliver romantically but it is absolutely not in her wavelength at all right now. I think she has a lot going on and a lot to deal with and she can’t really think like that at the moment.

MJ: As the Felicity/Oliver romance still seems to be the plan, do you think we will see a new love interest for Laurel? I was banking everything on Ted but I guess (after last night) it’s not going to be Ted?

KC: [Laughs]. I think that it is a possibility… I definitely think that she needs to again focus on her training. Just because you put on a suit, that doesn’t mean you are good. Yes she puts on a suit but she is being driven by avenging her sister’s death and honouring her sister. Finding it from within. She is so driven and focused and I think that is where her head is at right now. As far as getting romantically involved with somebody I definitely think it is a possibility. I think that it will be interesting to find out who it is.

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