Pull List Roundtable – 02/11/2015 With Divinity #1, The End Of Spider-Verse in Amazing Spider-Man #14 & More (Spoilers Free)

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Alexander Lucard

  • Usagi Yojimbo #1 (1 For $1 Edition) – I’m sorry. Did you just offer me cheap Stan Sakai? Yeah, I’m in. I’m also looking at the digital version of those 600 page tomes Dark Horse has put out.
  • Divinity #1 – Valiant 3.0’s first series not based on a pre-existing property. I’m interested to see what this is all about.
  • Rai #7 – Gorgeous art, fun story and it’s nearly passed the original Rai series in length!

Mike “Skitch” Maillaro

I burst out laughing when I saw Lucard’s comments about Rai.  It’s true!  After issue 8, the original Rai kind of stopped for 6 months to come back as Rai and the Future Force with a different creative team and tone.

Joe Smith

  • Klarion #5 – I enjoy the character and the world he lives in so I pick up this title. However, I wouldn’t really recommend this to a lot of people I know because I know it’s not their cup of tea. It’s more of a shelf read to see if it’s for you or not.
  • Secret Six #2 – I enjoyed the first issue and I’m just glad there’s some Secret Six to read again. I like how the characters have been forced to come together and the tone of the book feels how it should.
  • Magnus Robot Fighter #11 – I just realized that Fred Van Lente is one of my favorite writers after reading the previous issue. His overall body of work is strong and anything he writes in the future I’m onboard to try it out based on his name alone. The end of this series is close and that sucks.
  • Darth Vader #1 – I actually wasn’t THAT interested in reading this one until I saw the cover in Star Wars. Kieron Gillen writing him has me interested as well. I’m intrigued with what they’re going to do with the character.
  • Divinity #1 – It’s Valiant so of course I have to give it a shot. The premise sounds interesting and I like the creative team.

James Fulton

  • Divinity #1 – I like the idea of Valiant developing new properties, and I have liked everything that Matt Kindt has done at the company. I have more complicated feelings about Trevor Hairsine’s art, but I expect good things here.
  • Darth Vader #1 – Darth Vader is a difficult character to write well as the star of his own story, because you can’t delve too deeply into what makes him tick without negating the power of the third Star Wars movie, but we’ve seen writer Kieron Gillen take the most ridiculous ideas and make them shine. I have high hopes for this book.
  • Satellite Sam #11 – This series about horrible people being horrible to each other at the dawn of the television age has been on hiatus, and I’m really excited to see how Matt Fraction is going to wind things up with this final arc. I’ve really liked this book a lot more than I thought I would – I even like Howard Chaykin’s art on it!
  • Southern Bastards #7 – The greatest thing that Jason Aaron has ever written was his series Scalped. What made that title work so well was the subtle and slow way in which he made it be about the title’s main villain, Lincoln Red Crow, and about his redemption. With the second arc of this title, Aaron is already digging into Coach Boss’s past, and making us feel something for the guy who I thought was going to be the villain of this series. Now, I’m not sure where this title is headed, and I like that.
  • Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier #5 – I’m not sure if Marco Rudy has done the art for this issue or not (Langdon Floss did most of the last issue), and I don’t care, because if he’s only painted one page, that’s enough for me to want to read this.

John Babos

  • All-New X-Men #36 – The march to Black Vortex x-over with Guardians of the Galaxy featuring the return of Thanos’ son Thane.

  • Divinity #1 – Valiant creates it’s own Russian Solar Man of the Atom. In true Valiant fashion, more than meets the eye here.

  • Earth 2 World’s End #19 & New 52 Futures End #41 – The road to Convergence continues!

  • Justice League 3000 #14 – JLI in 3000.

  • Justice League United #9 – Legion of Super-Heroes goodness.

  • New Suicide Squad #7 – Love this book.

  • Secret Six #2 – Curious how writer Gail Simone will differentiate this book from the Suicide Squad. Great art team platoon.

  • Worlds’ Finest #31 – Earth 2 pre New 52 tales. Love the history reveals.

Paul Miranda

  • ARROW: SEASON 2.5 #5
  • BATMAN ETERNAL #45 (of 52)
  • The EMPTY #1

Marvel is really putting a lot of faith in Sam Wilson and giving him the recognition he so rightly deserves. It’s about frickin’ time. What better than to have a double-dose of FalCap this week, especially a weekly mini?

No matter how bad or low Spidey titles can be, I’ll never relinquish the love and passion I have for Peter Parker. SPIDER-VERSE has been all right. Even though there’s an epilogue, I hope this official conclusion is quite meaty and that whatever drastic changes arise will actually stick. Get it?

Another big release from the mighty multi-media magnate that is Marvel. I’m only going to buy this issue but it’s a no-brainer as to why this is such a big deal and a generator of endless excitement.

The EMPTY #1
Up until autumn of last year, I truly never thought I’d literally look inside let alone read any indie books. Image is surpassing all expectations for quality art and storytelling. This will definitely be another winner.

I’ve been going through withdrawal and reeling from the “pain” of waiting. Why a sure-fire hit has been delayed a full month is beyond me but it doesn’t matter. Gail Simone is a wonder wordsmith. I want to see more of Catman and his motley crew escape the inescapable. Plus, this series will carry on after CONVERGENCE. Youppi!!


Mike Maillaro

  • Amazing Spider-Man #14 – The end of Spiderverse! I’ve really enjoyed this crossover, and I can’t wait to see how this changes the status quo for the Spider-Man titles. I especially wonder what’s going to happen to Spider-Ock, since he seems to have a sense that he is working on borrowed time.

  • Darth Vader #1 – Does Darth Vader need his own series…probably not, but I really enjoyed the first two issues of Marvel’s Star Wars series, so I will likely be picking up the rest of the line. I am actually much more excited about Kanan (from Star Wars Rebels) getting his own special in a few months.

  • Divinity #1 – I already got to read this book, and it was damn good. I did think things got a little strange in the end, but I have a lot of faith that it all will make sense down the road.

  • Secret Six #2 – What happened to this series? It was a book I was really looking forward to, and then the first issue was kind of blah, and then we got a huge delay between the first and second issue. I really want to love this book, but DC is not making that easy for me.

  • Batman Eternal #45 – I really think this series should have been like 10 issues shorter. I’ve enjoyed it a lot, but it kind of feels like it’s just killing time until Convergence at this point. There have been a little too many false reveals in the last few issues where I have really gotten to the point where I’m yelling “Get on with it.”

  • Star Trek #41 – The last arc about Deep Space 9 and Q was excellent. This series is consistently great, and I can’t wait to see them finally getting on eith thw “five year mission” that they promised us a while ago.

  • Spider-Woman #4 – I will admit I only picked up this series because it was a Spider-Verse crossover. I never had any real connection to Jessica Drew. Julia Carpenter has always been “my Spider-Woman.” but it’s been a very good comic and I will definitely be sticking around even after Spider-Verse ends.

  • Nightcrawler #11 – Chris Claremont has been a little hit or miss in recent years, but Nightcrawler has been a very good series. I will be sad to see this book go (I think it’s ending with issue 12, that is what the solicits made it seem).


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