Rasslin’ Roundtable: NXT Takeover: Rival


NXT will have its next PPV-style supershow on February 11, 2015 on the WWE Network. Inside Pulse will have LIVE coverage of the event, plus post-event recaps from JT and our post-game roundtable.

For a preview, let’s see what the staff thinks will happen!

NXT Title
Sami Zayn (c) vs. Kevin Owens

John Turnbull – the clash of longtime indie tag partners has the potential to be the match of the night, with Zayn pitting his high flying skills against Owens smash mouth style.
Winner: El Generico

Steve Berkman – This match has some real potential. Obviously the in-ring action is going to be top level, that barely needs to be discussed. The outcome is the interesting part here. Zayn has just won the title, so it would be an enormous impact for Owens to immediately take it from him by force, which sends Zayn on the fast track to the main roster. The other option is Zayn retains just barely, defends again at a taping and at the next NXT Special, Owens takes it in a Ladder/No DQ/etc match.
Either way, fans that only know Zayn from NXT and not from ROH/PWG/etc are going to see a new side of him tonight.
Winner: Kevin Owens

Jake Ziegler – I think they’re going to end on some kind of non-finish here, to build up the hatred and really keep the feud going.
Winner: No contest

Paltrowitz – Given their history from the indies, add in the built-up NXT storyline, and consider how eager these are two competitors are to be called up to the main roster…This has to be a great match.
Winner: Kevin Owens (with a Sami Zayn roster call-up shortly after)

Pat Metalhead – It’s been awhile since I was anticipating a match this much. We all know how great a worker Zayn is and Owens has made a huge impression since his debut. Those facts are actually enhanced by a logical and well-executed storyline. Can’t wait for this one to start.
Could go either way, losing won’t really hurt one or the other, I anticipate a DQ or something here, not a fan of such finishes, but could be a good way to keep the belt on Zayn, add even more heat on Owens and add the winner of the No 1 contender match to the mix.
Winner : Zayn via DQ

Widro – This should be a great match. As it’s Wrestlemania season it seems unlikely either will be brought up for the next two months, so they will need to keep this going. I think Sami retains in a non clean finish building to a rematch.
Winner: Zayn

No. 1 contendership for NXT Title
Adrian Neville vs. Finn Balor

John Turnbull – this should be a great match between two talented and passionate wrestlers, packed with high spots and near falls.
Winner: Finn Balor on his way to the NXT title

Steve Berkman – I could basically copy and paste the Title match entry here. Neville is another roster member who has been noted to be fast tracked to the main roster, so giving him a title match doesn’t make a whole load of sense. Plus Balor has become an instant superstar on NXT and he vs Zayn or Owens would be an incredible main event on any show.
Balor will likely be in his war paint and win this with a similar combination of the shotgun dropkick and double stomp.
Winner: Finn Balor

Jake Ziegler – Neville has had his time and seems poised to head to the main roster, so it seems like a good time to give Balor a title shot.
Winner: Finn Balor

Paltrowitz – As with the main event of this program, you have two competitors in this match who already ought to be on the main roster. I expect there to be some interesting high spots from both competitors on this one. But I’m not particularly invested in this as a feud.
Winner: Adrian Neville

Pat Metalhead : It’s been awhile since i was anticip… Wait is there an echo in here ? Yes same thing, different reasons, less heat between those two, but, DAMN what a match-up ! I expect a slow-burn storyline in this match, with Balor going over at the end. Probably a Red Arrow vs Coup de Grâce tease. Can’t wait for… you know the rest.
Winner : Balor

Widro – Both guys have been great in the ring. It seems like Balor is getting a push to the top in NXT so seems logical he’d win here.
Winner: Balor

NXT Women’s Title
Charlotte (c) vs. Bayley vs. Sasha Banks vs. Becky Lynch

John Turnbull – interesting match with Charlotte and Lynch probably having the edge in terms of in-ring ability. It will be a tough proposition for the Nature Girl to retain her title despite her superior size and strength.
Winner: Sasha Banks

Steve Berkman – Two logical winners here: Bayley or Sasha. Bayley has “toughened up” over the last few shows and even delivered a Bayley-to-Belly to the current champ. Sasha has been chasing this belt for months and has put on multiple excellent showings with Charlotte. Becky serves to be a bit more of a prop in this match. Early on we’ll either see her go right for Sasha or work with her until mid match where there’s a misunderstanding and then they rip each other apart like wildcats, leaving Bayley to pick up a win. Charlotte will look dominant and likely not be involved in the decision, then storm off to the main roster (I’m seeing a motif here).
Winner: Bayley

Jake Ziegler – Charlotte is dominating, and they should continue down that path to build up a new challenger to dethrone her in a big-time singles match.
Winner: Charlotte

Paltrowitz – Charlotte ought to win this match due to her “superior genes.” Unless mic skills factor in. Which is contradictory when you think about it, because Ric Flair was primarily known for his mic skills and persona as opposed to an impressive physique.
Winner: Charlotte

Pat Metalhead – Should be fun, might seem a bit rushed though, a fatal four-way needs time to establish everyone, given that I anticipate the two top matches will take quite some time, i’m not sure they will have that much time. Banks goes over after a good, if rushed, match-up.
Winner Sasha Banks

Widro – Charlotte has been great as champion and a four way is a great way to get the title off of her without her getting pinned.
Winner: Bayley

NXT Tag Team Titles
Wesley Blake & Buddy Murphy (c) vs. Lucha Dragons (Sin Cara & Kalisto)

John Turnbull – Blake and Murphy need this win to solidify their position as players in NXT, while the Dragons will remain over with the kids win or lose. Possible interference from the Vaudvillains?
Winner: Blake & Murphy

Steve Berkman – This will be mostly a rehash of the Dubstep Cowboys winning the titles, just with a more decisive victory. Sin Cara still does shows on the main roster and Kalisto could serve to be a great “fill in a good match” guy. I think he could be much more but I also know how WWE works. I’d expect a rivalry with Tye Dillinger and Jason Jordan coming out of this to give them some relevance.
Winners: Dubstep Cowboys

Jake Ziegler – Changing the titles again in short order would seem counterproductive, so I’m going with the new champs retaining.
Winners: Wesley Blake & Buddy Murphy

Paltrowitz – Given how much Sin Cara has been appearing on RAW and Smackdown lately, and the recent rumors of a character change for Kalisto, I can’t imagine why the belts would go back to the (very talented) Lucha Dragons.
Winner: Blake & Murphy

Pat Metalhead – I’ll agree with other comments here, Blake and Murphy gain the most by retaining, Lucha Dragons will go on a number one contender feud with (probably) the Vaudevillains.
Winner : Blake and Murphy

Widro – Putting the titles back on the dragons here is a step backwards.
Winners: Blake & Murphy

Baron Corbin vs. Bull Dempsey

John Turnbull – a perfect opportunity for a toilet break or a quick nap. If Bull doesn’t win expect to see him future endeavored in the near future.
Winner: Corbin

Steve Berkman – Yep, they’re doing it again. Corbin has two distinct wins over Bull but his streak is now broken. A loss for either man doesn’t have nearly the same impact now. If Corbin goes over for the third time, Bull is shattered as a “force to be reckoned with” and realistically becomes “just another guy”. Corbin needs to spend quite some time in developmental to pick up on most of the basics, so an extended rivalry might be right up his alley.
I wouldn’t expect this to get too out of hand. Likely a lot of floor work/ramp slams and maybe chair use.
Winner: Bull Dempsey

Jake Ziegler – Seems like Corbin is getting the bigger push, so he seems like the likely winner.
Winner: Baron Corbin

Paltrowitz – Baron Corbin just got a t-shirt, so doesn’t that mean he’s going to win?
Winner: Baron Corbin

Pat Metalhead – No DQ huh? Well expect Dempsey to try and carry this one, probably will go a little « hardcore », or WWE’s version of it to hide Corbin’s shortcomings.
Winner : Corbin.

Widro – Corbin has struggled since moving past the “counting” gimmick but a loss here would still derail him.
Winner: Corbin

Hideo Itami vs. Tyler Breeze

John Turnbull – should be a squash match. Breeze has displayed limited in ring skills and a one-dimensional character while Itami gets over despite his limited language skills.
Winner: KENTA!!!

Steve Berkman – As big a star as Itami was in Japan, his inability to speak English is really eating into his options as a WWE superstar. Breeze on the other hand has fully embraced his Prince Pretty persona and couples that with great in-ring work. The past two weeks have had Solomon Crowe briefly hack into the feed, with nobody present being made aware. The Crowe hacker gimmick has been back burnered for somewhere in the realm of a year and now seems the time for him to show up. Odds are he hacks into Breeze’s magic iPhone at some point, which causes a distraction and Itami picks up the win with a kick to the head.
Crowe (the former Sami Callahan) will be another welcome addition to the roster. He’s an absolute buzzsaw when he gets rolling in a match.
Winner: HIdeo Itami

Jake Ziegler – Breeze hasn’t been around in a while so it would be beneficial to give him a big win and maybe start a new feud that would be good for both guys.
Winner: Tyler Breeze

Paltrowitz – As with my prediction in the No DQ match, Tyler Breeze has a shirt and Hideo Itami does not. Breeze also has a cell phone case.
Winner: Hideo Itami

Pat Metalhead – I assume this will be the opening match. WHile some might clamor to have KENTA in an higher position on the NXT cards, I think this is a good compromise for now. Itami is featured, and the fact he opens the show ensures the crowd will be in good spirit for the rest of the evening, you can count on him for that. Itami walks all over Breeze here of course.
Winner : Itami

Widro – Kenta is reportedly having trouble adjusting to WWE style. This match could be a test for him, or a pin and a wakeup call.
Winner: Breeze

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