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It’s NXT time and we’re live from NXT arena in Orlando, Florida!

No time is wasted as Hideo Itami’s music plays and he makes his way to the ring to a big response from the crowd. He’s taking on ‘Prince Pretty’ Tyler Breeze, who jumped him in the locker room last week.

Match 1: Hideo Itami vs Tyler Breeze

Breeze dodges a bunch of kicks from Itami and takes a cheap shot from behind the ref, only to be hit by a clothesline from Itami in the corner. More dodging from Tyler but he eventually gets caught with a knee and a stiff kick, followed by more kicks.

Breeze bails to the outside and starts working the leg, and Itami is selling like he’s wrestling Brock Lesnar. Extended sequence of Breeze working on the leg, including a figure four around the ring post. Submission by Breeze in the middle of the ring, but Itami makes it to the ropes.

Stomps and kicks by Tyler, into GTS position from Itami followed by a rollup by Tyler. Supermodel kick from Breeze and a two count, and the pretty boy is upset and breathing heavily. Come on dude, the match has been going for like three minutes. Breeze looks gassed as Itami starts to fire up, hitting a strike combination. About a dozen more stiff kicks from Itami and then a hesitation dropkick in the corner, followed by the running kick.

One, two, three and the match is over. Not a terrible match but a bit disappointing for me, really.

Match 2: Bull Dempsey vs Baron Corbin – No DQ

Corbin hits the ring and unloads on Dempsey, hitting his usual offense of punches, kicks and elbows. They go to the outside and Bull hits a suplex on the ramp, then tosses Corbin into the ringpost. Corbin is down and Bull looks under the ring but can’t find what he’s looking for, so goes back to beating on Corbin.

Spinebuster by Baron, and it’s good to see a couple of actual wrestling moves in this wrestling match. Pin and a two count, followed by a Corbin clothesline over the top rope, channelling Mick Foley.

Bull goes to the top and hits the diving headbutt, but Corbin kicks out at two. Dempsey tosses Corbin into the ring steps and rolls him back into the ring, then grabs a chair. Before he has a chance to use it Corbin hits the End of Days for the three count, and the match is thankfully over.

Probably the best match these two have had, but that’s not really saying much. At least they’re leaving a lot of time for the main event…

Match 3: Lucha Dragons vs Blake & Murphy

The tag titles are on the line and Murphy starts out with Sin Cara. Quick tag to Blake but Sin Cara is in control before messing up an arm drag and landing on his head. After he recovers he hits a head scissors and tags in Kalisto, who almost immediately botches a springboard dive to the outside.

Sin Cara hits a victory roll from the top but Blake kicks out, tagging Murphy back in. More sloppy offence from the Dragons, who may or may not have been drinking before the match. Tag team wheelbarrow senton on Murphy and a cover, but he kicks out at two. Tag to Blake and they hit a nice tandem flapjack into a neckbreaker on Sin Cara, followed by another two count.

Quick tag back to Murphy followed by a chinlock, but Sin Cara fights out and tags Kalisto. Corkscrew cross body by the luchador followed by a rolling kick, then a sick looking spike headscissor. After hyping up the crowd for a while Kalisto goes for his finisher but Murphy counters, leading to a powerbomb/headscissors reversal sequence.

Multiple pin attempts and reversals in a nice sequence, followed by the lifting powerbomb from Sin Cara on Murphy. Kalisto is knocked to the outside and Murphy hits a jackhammer on Sin Cara, followed by a frog splash from Blake for the pin and the three count.

Not a bad match, marred by some botches from the Dragons towards the beginning but rescued by some nice reversals and near falls towards the end.

Teaser for Solomon Crowe (Sami Callihan), who apparently makes his debut next week.

Match 4: Adrian Neville vs Finn Balor

Neville makes his way to the ring first after a long recap of their short feud, which lasted longer than any of the first three matches of the night. Balor makes his freaky entrance rocking some sweet body paint, and the crowd are solidly behind the Irishman.

The match kicks off with Neville locking in a headlock and holding on, denying Balor the chance to reverse. They break and Neville hits a sunset flip, countered into a dropkick from Finn, sending Neville to the outside. Balor teases a tope con hilo but Adrian makes it back into the ring, followed by a leapfrog and dropkick from Finn.

Springboard dropkick from Neville and a one count, then back to the headlock. Slow pace to start as Neville hits a forearm, then a two count. Foot choke in the corner by Neville as the crowd chants for Balor, then another headlock. After breaking out Balor goes for a springboard move but Neville intercepts it with a big dropkick, then a delayed overhead suplex for a two count.

Elbows by Neville to Finn’s head, then another headlock, wearing Balor down. Jumping enzuguri in the corner sends Neville to the outside, then a beautiful tope con hilo from Balor. Neville rolls into the ring and the straight back out, but Balor hits a shotgun dropkick slamming Neville into the barricade.

Back in the ring and Neville is dazed as Balor goes to the top, hitting the double stomp to the top of Adrian’s head as he struggles to his feet. Kick out at two and Balor is shocked, but sets up the reverse lifting DDT (or Bloody Sunday as it was known in the indies). Neville fights his way out with kicks but Balor hits the Pele kick, immediately countered by a superkick from Neville.

Big German suplex from Neville followed by another into a bridge pin, but Balor kicks out at two and a half. Neville goes to the top and hits a second rope corkscrew moonsault, but Finn kicks out. Running European uppercut in the corner by Adrian, but Balor hits the sling blade followed by a massive lariat. Neville is out on his feet as Balor hits the reverse Bloody Sunday, but the Englishman kicks out at two. Neville goes to the top, then jumps down and hits a big kick to Balor’s head, laying him out. Neville goes up top for the Red Arrow, but Balor manages to get his knees up and rolls up Adrian for a long two count.

Balor hits a big dropkick and then goes up top, connecting with the coup de grace for the pin and three count. Finn Balor is the number one contender for the NXT title!

Excellent match from these two young superstars, finishing with a handshake of respect.

Match 5: Bayley vs Sasha Banks vs Charlotte vs Becky Lynch

The fatal four way kicks off with everyone teaming up to beat on champion Charlotte, with Banks and Lynch quickly spilling to the outside. The tag partners work together to take out Bayley, but fall out over who should get the pin. Lynch hits a nice pumphandle suplex on Banks when her back is turned, then a big legdrop on Bayley for a two count.

Dragon Screw into a reverse figure four on Bayley broken up by Sasha Banks, as Charlotte is out on the outside. Big dropkick from the top by Lynch, but Charlotte is back to life and breaks up the pin. Neckbreaker by Charlotte on Sasha, and Charlotte is in control until Banks hits her from behind. Forearms and kicks by Banks, dodging a Charlotte spear which hits Becky.

Nice double team front suplex into a codebreaker by Charlotte and Bayley on Sasha, but Charlotte hits a big boot sending Bayley sprawling out of the ring. Sasha ties up Charlotte in the corner and goes for the stomp, then adds Becky to the mix and hits the double knee.

Cover and kick out leads to some screaming from Banks, then Bayley fires up and hits four back elbows on Charlotte in the corner. Top rope hurricurana from Bayley on Charlotte as the crowd chants her name. Bayley hits the Bayley to Belly on Charlotte and goes for the pin, broken up by Lynch.

Sasha Banks hits a suicide dive through the ropes onto Bayley and Becky as Charlotte catches her breath, then follows with an over the top rope cross body. Back in the ring Lynch hits a leg hook suplex on Charlotte, but the champ kicks out at two. Hard uppercuts by Becky, who gets taken out by a German suplex from Bayley.

Top rope Bayley to Belly on Charlotte, with the pin broken up by Banks. Sasha locks in a crossface on Charlotte, transitioned into a rollup pin for the three count.

Winner and new women’s champion, Sasha Banks. Solid match from the divas.

Match 6: Sami Zayn vs Kevin Owens

The crowd goes wild as Owens makes his entrance, pacing back and forth in the ring like a caged animal. Equally strong reaction for Sami Zayn, and the vibe is hot for tonight’s main event.

Intense stare down before the lockup, with duelling chants from the audience. Owens bails to the outside to play some mind games, eventually climbing back in just before the ten count, then getting straight back out. Frustrated, Zayn hits a tope con hilo over the top of the ref, then lays into Owens with punches and rolls him back into the ring.

Zayn is all over Owens to start, until Owens uses his strength and hits a huge clothesline in the corner, followed by stomps. Another clothesline and a big Irish whip, hammering Sami into the turnbuckle. Chop from Owens into a two count, then an exchange of stiff forearms. Chinlock and knee to the back by Kevin, wearing his opponent down.

Zayn fights out of the chinlock but gets taken down with a shoulderblock, then a front suplex onto the ropes by Owens. Zayn is selling like a champion for his former partner as Owens looks domiant. Huge back suplex by Owens, followed by a two count and a kickout. Sami gets tossed out of the ring and hit with a series of hard chops, then a lariat before being rolled back into the ring for another two count.

Trash talk from Owens as the beatdown continues. Massive gutbuster followed by a senton on Zayn for a long two count, then more abuse from Owens. Suddenly, Zayn fires up and hits a pair of clotheslines, then another to take Kevin to the outside. Owens goes head first into the steel steps, then gets taken out by a clothesline on the outside.

Back elbow by Owens but Zayn counters into the blue thunder bomb for a two count, setting up the Helluva kick. As he runs in Owens hits a superkick and Zayn is stunned, dropping into the corner and allowing Kevin to hit the cannonball into a two count. Pumphandle drop onto the knee by Owens, and Sami is barely about to kick out.

Irish whip from Owens is reversed into a high elevation dropkick from Zayn, followed by a half nelson suplex into a two count. Owens climbs to the top but Zayn joins him before being knocked down with a headbutt. Owens tries a swanton bomb but Zayn gets the knees up, then hits an exploder suplex into the corner. He goes for the Helluva kick but Owens rolls out of the ring, followed closely by Zayn.

Sami reverses an apron powerbomb and hits a springboard moonsault to the outside, hitting his head on the ramp on the way down. Ole chant from the crowd as Zayn rolls Owens back into the ring, setting up again for the Helluva. Massive pop up powerbomb from Owens into a two count.

Owens rains blows down on Zayn as the champ is out of his feet, then another huge powerbomb. Another powerbomb followed by an arrogant pin and a two count from Owens as the trainers check on Zayn for signs of concussion. Yet another powerbomb from Owens, and then another, and the beating that Zayn is taking is brutal.

Finally the ref pulls Owens off Zayn and calls for the bell, holding up Owen’s hands as the trainers attend to Zayn. Winner by match stoppage and your new champion, Kevin Owens.

Owens is overcome with emotion as he cradles the belt in the ring, holding it aloft to the cheers of the crowd. This was an excellent match with Owens showing his superior power and Sami never really able to fight back, despite some amazing moves and a tonne of heart.

All in all a great night of wrestling. NXT f*^king rocks.







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