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Sometimes, it is best to keep pro wrestling simple. Actually, you could say that about a lot of things in life. If you keep things simple it often works out the best. And if you watched NXT on Wednesday night, they once again kept it simple. And it was still the best show that any WWE related product has put on all year. While the Royal Rumble had a very good triple threat match for the WWE Title, it still doesn’t compare to the overall goodness that was NXT.

From an overall wrestling perspective, I thought NXT Rival was a slight notch below the previous Takeover shows. But the previous shows were just so well done that it is tough to compete with them. Again, Rival was still a great show. And a lot of that had to do with the story telling that took place during it.

Look at the main event match between Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens. These two have put on great matches in the past. Some people have complained that this match didn’t live up to any of those. First of all, did you expect these two to bring out everything they had in their first encounter, when there are likely more matches between the two down the line? This was about the story told in the build up to the match and the match itself. Owens talked about setting a goal for himself when he got to NXT. And within two months he has already achieved that goal of becoming NXT Champion. That storied played out throughout the entire match. Owens looked like a dominant heel throughout the match, and Zayn didn’t look weak at all during it.

I know there are some people, specifically Vince Russo, who didn’t like the end of the match. To quote Russo: “Many will even try to make sense out of actually STOPPING a fight that wasn’t real to begin with.” I’m sorry, but endings like the one to the Zayn/Owens match actually makes the match more believable. The only thing I would have changed was to have the ref call for the bell, go over to the announcer, and then announce the finish. How that was done seemed off, but that is just a minor complaint. What Russo doesn’t realize is that what once worked when he booked pro wrestling wouldn’t work at all in today’s world. Sorry the match didn’t end in a swerve, BRO.

Anyway back to the point. NXT has everything you would want in their weekly and special shows. The weekly shows consist of one hour of wrestling and promos, and every single one always seems like it gets to the point. How many times do we sit through RAW and Smackdown and wonder what the hell the point of the show is. Or why certain wrestlers are fighting. While every match on NXT Rival may not have been good (looking at you Dempsey/Corbin), at least there was a story behind the match that gave them a reason to be fighting.

The flow to every NXT show just seems so good. It helps that there are only a few people writing it, unlike RAW when there are Hollywood writers who have no idea how to book a TV show. Of course the natural debate of if things will get better once Triple H takes over the WWE will never go away. If you go buy what we have seen on NXT, that answer would be yes. For all the crap Triple H has taken over the years, he seems to be someone at least more in touch with today’s pro wrestling fans compared to Vince McMahon. But I’m fully convinced Vince McMahon isn’t stepping down or dying anytime soon. Knowing Vince, he will probably live to be 100.

NXT being pushed as its own brand will help a lot of these younger guys out. And without spoiling anything, if they plan on bringing in veterans to help out some of the young guys that will only be better. I truly believe that if you put NXT opposite RAW, on another TV Network, it would be on top in the ratings battle by the end of the first year. Going on tour will also help every single person on the NXT roster. It helps them adapt to the road life that is the WWE.

Of course, do we really want any of these NXT stars to be called up to the WWE? Look at what has happened already with the likes of Emma, Adam Rose and Bo Dallas. Now I don’t think either one of those three have the talent that the current NXT roster has. But it does go to show that NXT call ups haven’t had the best of luck so far.

If you could take one thing away from NXT Rival, its that the future for the WWE is very bright. From the top of the card all the way to the NXT Divas, they all have the ability to become big stars in the next few years. Charlotte carries herself like one already. Imagine if they actually let some of these girls wrestle on RAW instead of being involved in stupid Total Divas storylines. NXT keeps pro wrestling simple, and that’s what we as wrestling fans like. And we can only wish that Vince McMahon could take note of that.

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Justin C

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