JR Blog: NXT Takeover Rival, Kevin Owens, Selling in Modern Wrestling, WWE Fast Lane as Throwaway PPV


Jim Ross checked in with a weekend blog, here are some highlights:

on NXT Takeover Rival
Enjoyed the NXT show this week on @WWENetwork from start to finish. The announcing was strong, kept me on point and paying attention. The broadcasters did their best to embellish the talents, both winners and losers, and they all seemed to be on the same page and well prepared.

on Kevin Owens
I think that Kevin Owens is going to be an excellent champion for NXT and he, along with a handful of others are going to be WWE ready much sooner than later. WWE signing some talents with experience from the Indies, etc and then refining their game in Orlando has been a strategic move.

on Selling in Modern Wrestling
Happy that fans are noticing when in ring performers SELL well. Know this, blowing off the art of selling/registering, etc will virtually ensure that a talent will not be long term successful. When I step up on my soap box to complain about the lack of wrestlers who can properly sell, it seems that many of those guilty parties are also those who work too fast which doesn’t allow the time for the announcers to help verbally enhance the ‘speed racers’ but it also tells me that those who think taking 10 big bumps during a match, all with little or no sell, is better than taking five, timely bumps and selling them the right way.

on WWE Fast Lane as Throwaway PPV
Some one emailed me at our Q&A’s here that they thought that thee WWE Fast Lane PPV was merely going to be a throwaway show & and I couldn’t disagree more or least it shouldn’t be. I’d shoot some major league angles that would lead into WM31 not unlike any major city who had big wrestling cards every month. Always build to the next show, pose more questions than answers and get down and dirty with your key revenue drivers. The competition to see who is going to be in the WWE Title match at WM31 must be keen because nothing in WWE should be more important to any of the talents than being the champion. Sometimes I don’t get that feeling as unless talents are in the immediate mix for the title they rarely mention it.

Check out the full blog at JR’s BBQ

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