Lucha Underground Results & Comments 02/11/2015


Welcome back guys, I am here again to cover Lucha Underground! Its been a tough week and I finally had a chance to check it out!!

We start off with a Promo from Alberto El Pratron and Dario Cueto. Albert asked what was the deal with Cueto’s key in which Cueto ignores. Alberto said that he has something that will change the temple forever and if he has to ask Cueto for a favor in the future, he will be out for blood!
We transition into the temple where Striker and Vampiro hype tonights show along with the arrival of Alberto. We head to the ring for the first match which is going to be Argenis and Fenix who is heading down to the ring!!!
Match 1 Argenis VS FENIX
Both of these guys are being hyped as representing Mexico City, both have a history of high flying so commentary expects that to come in to play. Argenis comes out firing on all cylinders in the beginning of this one and takes control early. You can’t count Fenix out though he answer back with a sick unique spring board moonsault to the outside! There is a lot of agility during this match and they run an angle where Fenix takes a rough bump and continues to sell through out the match! Commentary even mentions he can rise from the ashes at anytime to come back and this is obviously a big part of his gimmick. After more back and forth Catrina who represents Mil Muertes comes down ringside and if you remember from last week her and Fenix had a kissing exchange! Commentary did mess this up a bit, they first started talking about how this must be a message from mil Muertes but then remember the angle from last week and puts over Catrina being turned on by Fenix! Fenix then stays true to his gimmick and rises from the ashes and drops Argenis on his head with a sit out pile driver!
Winner Fenix Via Pinfall
After the match Catrina slides up the limp body of Argenis and gives him the lick of doom to try and attract Fenix. Fenix slides out of the ring with confusion and leaves the arena as commentary hypes the future of this dynamic, proposing the question of what Mil Muertes must think of all this!
We cut to a shot of a nice car and of course we know its Alberto, they hype up he has something he needs to get off his chest and will speak on it later! They then tell us he will make his official debut on the mic as the main event.
I personally am hyped for this, say what you will about Del Rio but one must be a little intrigued to see him in action in a promotion that is close to his heritage and roots!!!
After the commercial break we see a cut scene of Catrina approaching Mil Muertes, she starts in on what he needs to do. Mil shushes her then grabs her by the throat gracefully lifting her off the ground! This scene made me laugh so hard because it was the most respectful chocking scene I have ever watch. Catrina either has super powers or is some kind of witch and Muertes must be insanely strong to pull this off! Great use of effects and camera angles here. It got a real good laugh out of me. After Muertes’s showing of super human strength and grace he shouts I NEED TO DO NOTHING, and continues to walk down a hallway where he comes face to face with Chavo! After a staring then physical exchange Mil uses his chocking ability to put Chavo to sleep, seemingly frustrated he didn’t do it to Catrina all of a sudden its effective and as we see Chavo go limp Muertes proclaims next week will be Chavo’s end!
Another vignette of a figure surrounded by darkness is next up. The voice sounds familiar and its Big Ryck. He cuts a promo using scriptures and references from the bible as the screen flashes images of the beating he took from the goons. He recounts being burned with his own cigar and tells the lord to forgive him for his path of revenge! Finally we see a flash of Big Ryck wearing an eye patch smoking a cigar and I loved it! This was done very very well and if his character uses the eyepatch from now on it can only add to it, great stuff here!
We return to Son of Havok who cuts a quick promo on how he finally gets a match worthy of his skill! He also dedicates the match to his love and manager and promises a victory! His opponent is Johnny Mundo who heads down to the ring!!!
Match 2 Son of Havok VS Johny Mundo
Spilt crowd for Havok again with half chanting for Mundo and Half chanting for Havok. Wow some good bumping from both to start this off and geez these guys are both athletic. After interference from his lady Havok shows strength by holding up his weight on the ring post and then dropping an elbow on Mundo who is layed out on the outside! The story in this match is Mundo’s bad knee from last weeks attack by king Cuerno. Havok’s work ethic is really really good, and I can’t express enough that this guy is just a joy to watch winning or losing, and in my opinion he definitely has something! Showing off, Havok lands some sick offense like a double foot stomp into a standing moonsault splash, and after some near falls Havok starts to show frustration he is not getting the win. It could cost him the match and even after re taking control he takes WAY to long to hit the big move from the top rope, allowing Mundo to counter and hit his finish! Mundo comes away with the pin fall and the crowd is indifferent as Havok is the fan favorite, but the story is he ruined his win by showing off to his lady!

Winner Johny Mundo via Pin fall.

After the match my guy King Cuerno comes out of no where and drop kicks Mundo in the middle of the ring! Mundo shows a bit of fight but the king is too much for him, he drops him with his driver and leaves Mundo laid out in the ring!
We return from adds to see Rick Mandel in the ring, he apparently won his first heavy weight title at 15. He is facing Pentagon Jr tonight and he makes his way to the ring!
Match 3 Rick Mandel Vs Pentagon Jr.
Yup lets get this going, I dig Pentagon Jr and we start this off with a tie up. After a bit of technical showing from both wrestlers  Jr. starts nailing Mandel with some Vicious chops. Treating him like a rookie Jr doesn’t let up and starts pounding Mandel, every time Mandel tries to come back he basically no sells and continues the punishment! After hitting a sick reverse Jr. Lifts Mandel up at 2 and does not allow the ref to count three! Being put over as evil Jr. continues the punishment by stomping on Mandel’s arm and hitting big moves. We see Jr set up Mandel for his arm bar modification and after he taps, Jr. keeps on the hold and taunts. He then falls back seemingly breaking the arm and commentary notes that wrestling is how Mandel feeds his family and now its in Jeopardy! My favorite spot is when Jr. hits a nice drop kick on Mandel while he is laid on turnbuckle in the corner, and then follows up with his arm breaker!

Winner Pentagon Jr Via Submission

Love Pentagon Jr. after the match he talks about his master again and that he brought another sacrifice for him, Vampiro tries to give some light that he is praying, almost as if he is doing holy rituals and we must see where this is going to go as we head to commercials!
After the Commercials we see the announcer getting ready to call out Alberto and does so with flare! Woa he even has the AAA belt in tow and the crowd is going Bananas right now. SI chants fill the temple as well as El Praton. He cuts an electrifying promo about how he is free and that he is around nothing but friends and family. Major face pops going on for Alberto and you can’t help but think this is where this man belongs! Alberto puts over his family and his heritage but also comments that here in the states is where he became a household name, he then talks about how he was disrespected alluding to WWE and that he wants to work in a place where being equal means something! He wants to work in a place where they don’t judge you by the color of your skin but how your work. He tells the crowd he is the first Lucha to hold every Major title in North America and that he always gets the job done! As the crowd gets hype a man comes from behind and attacks Alberto, he is apparently the last AAA title holder and he followed Alberto to Lucha Underground to rain on his party! He holds up the title over the limp Alberto and looks strong in the ring as the program goes off the air! His final words were I am the real champion and you know it, as the show heads off the air.
Good show tonight I really enjoyed it. As always this is the best promotion leaving us with good cliff hangers and anticipation for the next show! As always I will be back next week and this time I should have the review up by Wed night if all possible! I hope you all had a good one and let me know what you thought of the show!!

– Grainbelt


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